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Bacteria cell structure

Size and shapes
1. Cocci
2. Bacilli
3. Spiral
4. Filamentous (mycelial, stalked
and sheathed forms)
5. Pleomorphic : variable in shape

cell wall : to give shape/protection 3.cell 1. meso-diaminopimelic acid: peptide interbridge . : amino acids.lysine. alanine. glutamic acid. cell membrane : contain both lipids and protein 2. N- acetylglucosamine. N-acetylmuramic which are backbones. peptidoglycan structure : polymer contains two sugar derivatives. alternating each other.

complex cell wall. contains a peptide interbridge gram negative cell wall : thin peptidoglycan.gram positive cell wall : thick homogenous cell wall. do not have peptide bridges between the tetrapeptide chains .