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STATUS: Guinta denies he got big money from his parents

DATE: October 14, 2010
PUBLICATION: New Hampshire Union Leader (Manchester, NH)
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GUINTA HITS BACK. Republican Frank Guinta yesterday denied accepting money from
his parents to help finance his 1st District U.S. House campaign and said Carol Shea-
Porter and the Democratic Party have stooped to a "new low" for implying that he
did. For months, the source of $245,000 in loans and $110,000 in
contributions Guinta made to his campaign has been the subject of questions raised by
the Democratic Party, Shea-Porter and the media.

Guinta in July amended an earlier financial disclosure report by adding a bank account
of between $250,000 and $500,000, which he has said is the source of the money. It's
been unclear where that account came from since Guintahad not listed it on earlier
financial disclosure reports filed when he served as Manchester's mayor. The
Democratic Party has insisted Guinta produce bank statements.

A New Hampshire Public Radio report this week suggested Guinta may have used the
proceeds of his parents' sale of a New Jersey home four months before he became a
candidate as the source of the added account and to help finance his campaign. If he
had used such a gift from his parents for his campaign, it would have been acceptance
of a campaign contribution far in excess of the federal limit of $2,400 per person per

The state Democratic Party early yesterday said that if Guinta did receive "hundreds of
thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from his parents," he should suspend his

But Guinta told the Granite Status later yesterday he did not accept his parents' money
and that he and his wife had saved up the money themselves.

"To answer that directly," he said of the questions about using his parents' money, "the
answer is no."

He said that NHPR "implied that my parents gave me money from the proceeds from
the sale of a home. The answer is no, that is not true.

"It's no different than what I've been telling people for the last several months. My wife
and I have been in the workforce for nearly 20 years. I have been in the private sector.
I've been fortunate to make money also in the markets. Over years of time, we have
been able to put this money together."

He reiterated earlier comments that "it was a mistake" that he did not list the $250,000
to $500,000 account on his initial campaign financial disclosure report.

"I made a mistake and once I realized I made the mistake, I corrected it," Guinta said. He
also said he voluntarily amended the report and, "It was not a result of someone
identifying an error outside of the campaign."

Guinta said the original financial disclosure report "already had enough money" to cover
the $355,000 in loans and contributions.

"The bottom line is my wife and I have worked hard for nearly the 20 years that we've
been in the workforce and we've been fortunate. We sat down and decided we were
willing to invest in this campaign because the direction of this country needs to be
changed," Guinta said.

"It's a sad commentary on Carol Shea-Porter and the Democratic Party if they want to
hold power so much that they're willing to say anything and attack in any
manner," Guinta said. "I can handle it but dragging my parents into it shows that they
are desperate. My parents are good and decent people who worked hard their entire
lives. This is even beneath Carol Shea-Porter."

He said the Shea-Porter and state Democratic Party strategy is the same as the national
Democratic strategy, "and that is that if you feel you're losing, attack your Republican
opponent personally and directly. And that is exactly what they are doing in this

"They can't win based on merit and issues and so they want to try to do anything they
can to attack me personally,"Guinta said.

But Michael Brunelle, executive director of the state Democratic Party, said the NHPR
story showed "there's no possible way" Guinta and his wife could have save up the
money themselves. He accused Guinta of again dodging the question.

Shea-Porter campaign manager Rob Moller said that Guinta offered no new information
and said that while Guinta is blaming Democrats, in fact Guinta's own Republican
primary opponents, who now co-chair his general election campaign, brought up the

"We're going to keep asking the question that needs to be asked," Moller said.

"CHARACTER" ISSUES. As the Guinta controversy illustrates, with less than three weeks
to go before Election Day 2010, at least two major Republican candidates find
themselves on the defensive on issue of "character, integrity and honesty."

In the Senate race, Democrat Paul Hodes' campaign found Kelly Ayotte's October and
November 2006 work e-mail discussions with her current campaign adviser, Rob
Varsalone, about her decision to seek the death penalty in the murder of Manchester
Police Officer Michael Briggs and then, two weeks later, about her political future.
He says it shows that she used the capital murder case as a "springboard" for a political

Her campaign calls the Hodes allegations "false" and "despicable."

But some Republicans are not happy with Ayotte. One GOP insider said to us, "Viewing
the killing of a police officer as a political opportunity is beneath contempt."