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“Helvetica” Film Questions

Name of documentary: Helvetica

Author/Producer: Gary Hustwit
Year: 2007

Informational or promotional: This film was an informational look at the origins and history of
the typeface Helvetica. It also looked at the world of graphic design and how fonts impact us,
whether consciously or subconsciously. Both designers who were proponents of Helvetica and
designers who were against the font were interviewed.

Primary audience: The documentary was geared towards people who are interested in design, but
not necessarily people who know a lot about typography.

Relevance to our course: This film helped emphasize how fonts convey messages and affect the
tone and feeling of our design. It showed me that people area affected by typeface, often without
even being aware of it, and that it’s important to think about these impacts and to make good
choices when it comes to font in our work.

How type affects our lives: As the film shows, typefaces affect the way we view corporations,
publications, and other media, and that this impact is often unnoticed or subconscious.