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Lesson Planning Form for Accessible Instruction Calvin College Education Program

Teacher Kristi Dunn

Date: 4/28/15

Subject/ Topic/ Theme: Journey Back to Lumberjack Camp

Grade: 4th

I. Objectives
How does this lesson connect to the unit plan?
This lesson helps the students understand the entire book better, but also teaches them about Lumbering in the Midwest.
cognitiveR U Ap An E C*

Learners will be able to:



Discuss reading strategies and use them with the class while talking about the chapter
Cooperate with their group members
Verbalize the events that happen in chapter 4


Common Core standards (or GLCEs if not available in Common Core) addressed:
Refer to details and examples in a text when explaining what the text says explicitly and when drawing inferences from the text.
Determine a theme of a story, drama, or poem from details in the text; summarize the text.
Make connections between the text of a story or drama and a visual or oral presentation of the text, identifying where each version reflects specific descriptions and
directions in the text.
(Note: Write as many as needed. Indicate taxonomy levels and connections to applicable national or state standards. If an objective applies to particular learners
write the name(s) of the learner(s) to whom it applies.)
*remember, understand, apply, analyze, evaluate, create

II. Before you start

Identify prerequisite
knowledge and skills.

The students will have to know and understand what happened in the first three chapters of this book.
Pre-assessment (for learning):

I will ask the students to summarize what has happened so far in this book.
Formative (for learning):

Outline assessment
(applicable to this lesson)

What barriers might this

lesson present?
What will it take
emotionally, etc., for your
students to do this lesson?


I will be walking around to each group to make sure they are keeping on task and planning out what
they are going to act out in a detailed manner.
Formative (as learning):

The students will be following along as other students read aloud so that they will be ready when it is
their turn to read.
Summative (of learning):
The students will be completing a worksheet on chapter four that has the students answering fill-inthe-blank questions about the chapter.
Provide Multiple Means of
Provide options for perceptionmaking information perceptible
The students will be working in
groups with the narrator being one
of the students. Students will be
acting out their assigned pages.

Provide Multiple Means of Action

and Expression
Provide options for physical actionincrease options for interaction
Students will be up in front of the
class acting.

Provide Multiple Means of

Provide options for recruiting
interest- choice, relevance, value,
authenticity, minimize threats
Students can choose a narrator so
that if a person does not want to
read aloud they dont have to.

Provide options for language,

mathematical expressions, and
symbols- clarify & connect
By acting out what happens in their
pages, students are illustrating
concepts non-linguistically.

Provide options for expression and

communication- increase medium
of expression
Students will have about 10
minutes to practice with their group
before performing.

Provide options for sustaining effort

and persistence- optimize
challenge, collaboration, masteryoriented feedback
Students will be working in groups
so that they can collaborate their

Provide options for comprehensionactivate, apply & highlight

By going over what happened in
the chapters before, background
knowledge is activated.

Materials-what materials
(books, handouts, etc) do
you need for this lesson
and are they ready to

Provide options for executive

functions- coordinate short & long
term goals, monitor progress, and
modify strategies

I will tell the students exactly

what I want them to do when
they act out their pages so that
they can monitor their progress
as they prepare.
-The book Journey Back To Lumberjack Camp
-Chapter four worksheet

Provide options for self-regulationexpectations, personal skills and

strategies, self-assessment &
At the end we will be summarizing
what the students learned from this
chapter so they can self-assess and
reflect through that.

-The students will be working in groups that are spread out throughout the classroom
-When they are presenting their group work all of the students will be in their desks.
How will your classroom
be set up for this lesson?

III. The Plan

5 min

5 min



(the largest
component or
main body of
the lesson)

Describe teacher activities

student activities
for each component of the lesson. Include important higher order thinking questions and/or
-I will begin by asking the students to summarize
-Students will raise their hands to give their
what has happened so far in the book.
summaries of what has happened in the book.
-Where did the book leave off when you last
read it?

-Okay, we are going to do something a little bit

different today.
-In a moment, I am going to split you up into
groups of four (5 groups), and in those groups
you will be reading through a few pages that I
assign you (2-3).
-As you read through, you have to plan how you
are going to act out those pages in front of the
-You will have a narrator that you assign (What
does a narrator do?) They will be reading your
groups pages, while the other group members
are acting out what happens in the pages.
-I dont want you to make it up as you go when
you are acting, I am giving you time to plan out

-Students will begin by sitting in their seats while

they listen to me give them directions.

-Once the directions are given, the students will go

to a part of the room where they meet up with their
group and begin reading their pages and planning
out how they are going to act it out.




exactly who is going to do what, and I expect

you to use that time wisely.
-If there are enough characters in your pages,
you can assign group members to be specific
characters that will act out what the narrator is
First, lets talk about how we should work in
groups. What are some good ways we can work
well with our groups? (Listen to everyones ideas,
make decisions as a group, be kind to other
students ideas, make sure it is a team effort and
that every student is involved).
*****Group 1=pg. 29-31 Group 2= pg. 32-33
Group 3= pg. 34-35 Group 4= pg. 36-37 Group 5=
pg. 38-40*****
-You will be writing your plan of how you are
going to act this out on a piece of paper. (Show
example on the board up front). Your plan must
include your names, page numbers, and what you
are going to do for acting out your pages.
-What might a possible plan look like? What are
some things you could write on your plan?
***Give the students about 20 minutes to read
through their pages and decide how they are going
to act them out.
-Begin calling groups up in front according to what
pages they have (go in order).
-Once all of the group presentations are over, ask
the students to summarize what happened in the
-Ask them what the problem/solution is.
-Ask them to predict what is going to happen
-To finish, pass out the worksheet for chapter four
that the students can work on with the time they
have left.

-If the students are acting, they will be in the front

of the room. If they are watching, they will be
sitting quietly in their desks.

-Students will all be sitting in their desks answering

the questions that I ask them.

-The students will quietly be working on the

worksheet by themselves.

**If extra time, have them work on the word search

if theyve created it. If not, have them create it.
The students should find 15-20 words from the
book and create a word search out of those words.
They can go to the computer lab to create it and
print it off. **
Your reflection about the lesson, including evidence(s) of student learning and engagement, as well as ideas for improvement
for next time. (Write this after teaching the lesson, if you had a chance to teach it. If you did not teach this lesson, focus on the
process of preparing the lesson.)


I began teaching this lesson on Friday, and had a little bit of a rocky start. I wasnt sure how much instruction the students would
need for the acting out portion of this lesson plan. I gave all of the instructions I could think of at the time, however, the students still
had a lot of questions. I began going around to each individual group and said very similar things to answer each of their questions.
Once they got going, it went very well. A couple of the groups had trouble deciding who was going to play what character and spent
a lot of their time trying to make a decision. I ended up going over to these groups and choosing characters because they were
wasting their time to practice. The students had about a half an hour on Friday to choose characters and begin practicing what they
were going to present. We finished the lesson today, Tuesday, with the students having about 10 minutes to rehearse and remind
themselves what they were doing. Once the 10 minutes were up, I called all of the students back to their seats and the groups began
presenting. The presentations went very well. Some of the pages were a little harder to act out because there wasnt always a ton
going on, but the students were good about doing their best anyway. For my aiding class, I have to teach both of the fourth grade
classes because they switch for reading and math, so I always get the other fourth grade class first, and then have my own class
second. On Friday, I changed my instructions for the second group of students so that all of the questions from the first group of
students were answered in my directions. This classs activities went much smoother. None of the students had questions and they
got right down to business preparing what they were going to present. It was nice being able to do it twice because I could tweak my
lesson plan for the second class and know what to expect from my students. I was really glad it went so much better; it made me feel
more confident as a teacher, and it made the students more confident in what they were supposed to do. Unfortunately, I was unable
to stay long on Friday, or at all today to see the second classs presentations, but, from the sounds of it my class did just as well.