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Gas Measurement & Accounting

 Functions from 1980s
 To ensure supply & demand
 Distribution – load predictions are made
by consumption history
 Gas flow can be measured & compared
to input points at the balance points

Hierarchy Pipeline network & contractual requirement have become very complex Different types of Hierarchy need to be available Supply Hierarchy that contains grouped by contract. Actual Hierarchy . Requirement or demand Hierarchy by customer Delivery schedule Hierarchy.

Gas Measurement  It is a central function in any gas pipeline  It is focused on accurate Measurement with a minimum amount of variance  Modern flow meters are generally very accurate .

. Cont.  Gas Measurement usually has to deal with different types of meters & Measurement  Measurement normally has to be consolidated in increments..

. Common Infrastructure Field device configuration with tracking of configuration changes Data collection of the various relevant parameters Calculation capability Validation according to specified rules Flow editing to allow manual correction.

. Cont… Estimation of readings if data is later or missing Aggregation of readings into hourly &daily amounts Balancing of flow for customers & suppliers.

.Closing procedures with warnings of data problems Calibration information & history of individual Measurement devices & transducers.