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Persuasive Essay

Dear Mayor Sessoms,

Students that are not immunized, students who never got shot are at
risk of getting measles, mumps, rubella, and polio, explained by the Country health
authorities. It is true that vaccination has a big part in almost everyone in the world,
especially here in the United States. Vaccines keep people from spreading diseases
to others. People are debating about vaccinations, are they are safe? Effective? Do
we really need to be immunized? What will happen if most people did not get
immunized? These are some questions that people ask about vaccines. Vaccinations
are a must for everyone because measles and other diseases are spreading, plus,
vaccines are proven to be safe for everyone, and they can save future generations.
Diseases are spreading quickly in our generation today compared in the
past. Experts say that if 8 percent or more of a group are not vaccinated, it will be a
serious problem. Most diseases spreads easily to people that are not immunized. In
1977, it shows that about 50,000 students in Los Angeles County are not
vaccinated, and after those students got immunized, the number of measles cases
dropped quickly. Without vaccine, people will get immune to diseases. Like measles,
they spread through sneezes and coughs.
Experts explained that vaccines are proven to be safe, mild shocks or side
effects are rare. Also, vaccines are created for our health, so why would it not be
safe? Plus, studies say that 95% of Americans took the vaccination without getting
sick. Different states has different numbers of people who are vaccinated and
people who are not. Some are also saying that they cannot receive vaccination
because of their religion.
Doctors believe that vaccination will save our future generation from some
diseases. If babies were not immune to diseases, those diseases would not exist in
the future. Plus, if certain diseases are prevented, people in the future will not suffer
those diseases, however, some people, even some doctors, believes that
vaccination can also be a reason for the future to suffer. Some doctors and mothers
are saying that putting chemicals in our body can also lead to new diseases. Even
though vaccinations are proven to be safe, they are still chemicals that we put in
our body. Protocols are being followed in different countries too. Migrants, tourists,
or people that came from other countries receive vaccinations first before entering
another country due to that countrys rules about medical issues.
There are a lot of pros and cons about vaccination, but do we really need it?
Most people are getting vaccinations since they were young, and it is really sad to
see how some people in our generation cannot live without putting chemicals in
their bodies Vaccination is a must in our generation; they are safe, and
recommended. However, they are chemicals that can also be bad for our health.
In conclusion of everything, I would recommend all people not only here in
United States, but to all the people around the world to get vaccine regularly.
Though it has some bad effects, it can still prevent diseases from spreading.