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Moral Values for Children

The dictionary defines tact as "the

ability to say and do the right things;
skill in handling difficult situations or
dealing with difficult people without
giving offense.

So the art of having tact and

saying the right things to
people at the right time is
really just to be sensitive to
the way they feel, to have
that personal touch that
helps us to be aware of
what might hurt their
feelings and to avoid doing

It's important to be honest,

but it's also important to
be loving and considerate
in your presentation. If
others see that you are
motivated by love and
concern, little problems or
misunderstandings are less
likely to become big ones.

You have to know what to

say, how to say it, when to
say it, and even whether to
say it. A gentle spirit can
make all the difference in
how open others are to
our opinions and ideas.

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