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GI Motility Drugs

Drug/Class Action Use Side Effects Other

- cholinergic -incr. GI motility & tone

-non-obstructive urinary -abdominal discomfort -never administer IM or
-incr. gastric secretions retention IV; rate of absorption fast
by stimulating muscarinic -diarrhea

Bethanechol -hypotension & reflex leads to heart block or

receptors on intestinal severe hypotension
smooth muscle, leads to tachycardia
-lacrimation, miosis -DO NOT administer if
URECHOLINE -incr. detrusor muscle any mechanical
contraction -salivation
-urinary urgency obstruction of GI or
-stimulates micturition urinary tract
-incr. LES pressure

-tardive dsykinesia Interactions:

Metoclopramide - dopamine antagonist -GI reflux -acute dystonic rx Alcohol
-stimulates GI tract -gastroparesis, N/V

-parkinsonial like Tranquilizers

REGLAN without simulating (antiemetic) symptoms Sleep meds
gastric secretions -incr. LES tone & -drowsiness, confusion Narcotics
enhance UGI motility
Caution in hypertensive

-improve gastric emptying


-appears to stimulate the and

Erythromycin receptor for motilin -incr. propulsion
throughout the GI tract

-xerostomia, -Assess for dry mouth-if

Atropine -blocks muscarinic -IBS -photophobia, mouth is not dry, dose is
receptors and -adjunct tx for peptic ulcer

-cycloplegia not enough to suppress

ROBINUL, LEVSIN -inhibits gastric acid -antidote -tachycardia gastric acid secretions
PRO BANTHINE secretion -constipation
-decr. GI motility -acute urinary retention

-relaxes the smooth -tx of hyperactivity or -constipation or diarrhea -Side effects are not as
Antispasmodic muscle of GI tract spasm of the intestine -rash prominent as those of

Agents -euphoria, dizziness, HA atropine

-drowsiness, nausea
BENTYL -weakness