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Problems & Opportunities

Innovations vs. Inventions

• Inventions- Creation of a completely
new solution
• Invention- Modification of an existing
solution to best solve the given
Problems & Opportunities
• Looking at purpose- What is the
purpose of the item?
• Looking at needs- Are there common
needs among all people, or multiple
needs that could be met with a
single device?
• Looking at real-world contexts- Are
there any situations (school,
community, hobbies, interests)
which could give opportunities.
Items to include are….
• General Information (background
information)- about the content covered in
the design brief.
• Materials Required- what materials are
needed to complete the design brief.
• The Challenge- What the students are
expected to do/ accomplish.
• Restrictions & Requirements- Requirements
& Restrictions for the device.
• The Process- The steps that are required to
produce the solution.
• Testing- How to assess the effectiveness of
the solution.
It’s your turn….
• Now it’s your turn to produce a
design brief. It can not be one that
we have done in class, it must be
original, and appropriate for middle
• For this assignment you will be
working in groups of 2.