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ASSIGNMENT 1/ first part


- you are given a map of Madrid centre with some appointed places from a list of
more than twenty categories- uses.
- You are given more than nine hours to spend wandering about the city in thress
sessions: evening, night and morning.
- You have been asked to get a videocamera and a camera.
- You, as architect, are supposed to get always a notebook with you.
- You are a member of a tree persons group.
- You are participating in an intensive architectonic course called “ woman
landscape in Madrid”.

So YOU! ,
register during the available time shown in your schedule all the scenes and
situations that have to do with the woman landscape in madrid nowadays selected
by your own .criteria

First acting, then thinking about. Later knowing it and finally changing it.


- at least, you should visit and record twelve situations found in twelve places
chosen from the list.
- Although you don´t need to create any strategy to carry out this registration part,
open your mind and use your architectonic sense and your creative capacities to
think about:
o Whole -. Fragment
o Changes of scale
o Panoramic, low angle and high angle view points.
o Travellings
o Video – photos
o Movement – quietness
o Sound – view
o Day – night
o ................and all those concepts that will make richer your knowledge
and more interesting your future project.