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Guidelines for filling the Monthly Performance Report (MPR)

1. The MPR is required to be filled in for all the fields related to the report from Point no 1 to
Point no 9.

2. Point no 4 - Base location, please put the main project location and not the areas/field
stations covered under it.

3. Please mention the Project name & Site location in column B & C, you had been

4. Please mention Day Type in column no D. Please select the relevant Day type from the
column D [Payable (working day), weekly off (Sunday/Comp Off), personal leave (leave)
& Holiday (As per ADA holiday list)

5. Please mention Nature of job done in column E. Please select the relevant nature of job
from column E. (Survey, Drive test, IBS survey, Resurvey etc.)

6. Please mention the Site Id & Site Name in column F & G respectively, as per the details
given to you. You need to mention the Site Ids and names of all the sites covered on that
particular date.

7. Please mention the relevant Status in column H. [Done (complete), pending or resurvey]

8. Please mention the vehicle number of the vehicle provided to you by project office on
that particular day in the column I. Also mention all the details related to Vehicle from
column J to L accordingly. (start KM and end KM respectively)

9. Please mention the name of the location where did the night stay happen in column M.

10. Please mention the name of the Supervisor, approving the work performed by you on
that particular date in column O.

11. Please mention any remarks column P, example given in the MPR.

12. In total sites target, mention the total number of sites assigned to you in the entire
month. In sites completed, mention the number of sites completed by you in the entire
month. In sites WIP, mention the number of sites with WIP in entire month [WIP – work
in progress (the work undertaken is not correct/incomplete/re-work required etc.)] . If you
are short with the target, mention the difference between the number of total sites and
the sum of sites completed and sites with WIP. [S= X-(Y+Z)]

13. Please put your signature in Employee signature column with the date of filling the

14. In Manager’s signature, signing authority will be with Project Manager or Team lead