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Process Flow for Monthly Performance Report (MPR)

Step 1 To be filled by All Field

Engineers on daily basis

Step 2 Data will be checked by

Survey / DT Coordinators
and will be approved by
Team Lead / Project
Manager on monthly

Step 3 Individual Engineer will attach the approved & signed

MPR along with claim sheet and submit to local Admin
person. Also, one soft copy (excel sheet) of the approved
MPR will be forwarded to local business coordinator. It is
not mandatory that team leader approval is also to be
provided to business coordinator. However, if any
discrepancy / mismatch found in soft copy and hard copy
data, disciplinary action will be taken by HR against that

Step 4

Local admin will forward MPR and

claim sheet of employee to
Gurgaon - Finance and one
photocopy of MPR to Gurgaon HR
separately along with claim sheet
courier tracker.