The Perfect Vacation

It is a good idea visit Radiotelescopio de Arecibo , it is in the north of the island , designed to send and receive radio waves across the universe. But is designed mainly for search for extraterrestrial life . You can enjoy the landscape . don´t forget you camera because maybe you could take many photos .

After you can go to the sun bay beach This beach comes with the whole package, clear blue waters, tall palm trees, lush greens surrounding the bay, friendly visitors like crabs, and facilities which makes this beach perfect for a family day or night at the beach. You can swimmming and playing on the water , and you can practice the windsurfing and deep- sea diving and is a good idea walk ariund of the beach to enjoy the sea.

Lighthouse Is a beautiful place to visited located in the national park in Cabo rojo , is the second oldest lighthouse in Puerto Rico One of the most popular attractions in the area , it is visted for many turis because is very big and have exelect beach in from of this , you can bird watching and take a photos maybe you should horse- riding around of this . Old San Juan , is the name with him that he knows the historical district of San Juan, Puerto Rico. It is located on the islet connected to the main island of Puerto Rico by bridges. The city is characterized by its cobblestone streets and colorful buildings dating from the sixteenth and seventeenth century, when the island was a Spanish colony. In this place there are shops and history places , museums, restaurant . It is know for the people for its architecture . Old San Juan is one of the key tourist attractions of the island . In this place you can walk around for the old san Juan and visited the different places . Sure you will enjoy this . 

Whe n you travel to Puerto Rico don´t forget to pack and sunglasses and change your money for dollars in you country and bring you bathing suit , isect repellent and is recommended to bring comfortable clothes . Remember Puerto Rico is a beautiful place seet his wonderful place.

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