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Dpto de Educación Física IES Fernando Savater Unit 6 Sports Rules


Hockey is one of the oldest sports in the world. Previously it was played in
Asia, America and Europe.

There was a game in Japan called buli, and it is thought that it was the
first development towards hockey.

Nowadays we can find different ways to play this game like ice hockey,
roller hockey, and floorball, outdoor and indoor hockey.

Floorball, a type of hockey, is an indoor team sport which was developed in
the 1970s.

The game is played indoors on a gym floor, making it a year-round sport at
the amateur and professional levels.

1. Each team can field six players at a time on the court, one player being
a goalkeeper. A floor ball game is officially played over three periods
lasting 20 minutes each.

2. Floorball is played indoors on a rink .No Boundaries limits, the ball is
allowed to hit of the boards.

Penalties are given when the defence team foul and attacking player inside the goal area. 5. VOCABULARY • Dribling: • Hit: • Pass: • Tackle: trying to take the ball. It´s forbidden to touch the ball with your feet and hands. only the goalkeeper inside the goal area it´s allowed to do it. 4. It´s forbidden to lift the stick above knees height.Dpto de Educación Física IES Fernando Savater Unit 6 Sports Rules Floorball court 3. • Push: • Flick: • Foul: • Rink: • Defence • Attack: • Stick: • Court: . It’s not allowed hitting the stick of the oponent. 6.