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WRITING – An Opinion Essay

Complete the essay with the correct words and phrases

my opinion – Above all – First of all – Although – these views –

Furthermore –
better for – In conclusion – they think – However

To eat meat or not?

____________________ many people still eat meat, nowadays more and
more are asking whether they should do so. They say that it is wrong to
kill animals to put them on our plates. It is 2____________________ that we
should stop killing animals and eat a vegetarian diet instead.
____________________, humans are animals and if we kill animals we are
killing ourselves. 4____________________, many farmers use antibiotics and
chemicals when raising animals to make them bigger and stronger. It can
´t do us any good to swallow these chemicals. 5____________________, it
doesn´t make any sense in our crowded planet for us to spend time and
money raising animals when they could be growing vegetables and
cereals to eat.
Of course, meat-eaters disagree with 6____________________. Firstly, they
say that we need meat to have a balanced diet. Secondly,
____________________ that animals are less powerful than us and that we
can do what we want with them because we are more important.
____________________, in my opinion we need to respect these animals
who share the planet with us and not use them for our own purposes.
____________________, I believe that a vegetarian diet is better for us,
better for the planet and, of course, 10____________________ the animals!


1. Although
2. my opinion
3. First of all
4. Furthermore
5. Above all
6. these views
7. they think
8. However
9. In conclusion
10. better for