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Dark Circles MSS 4.22

Dark Circles MSS 4.22

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Published by: gardenhouse on Feb 07, 2010
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Fluid retention can be a major cause of swollen eyes, and here you will

have to look at your general health and any other underlying medical

condition. Diuretic pills (to remove excess water from your body) can be

helpful, but many people do have side effects from them.

Vitamin C is a natural diuretic and an increase in this vitamin will not only

assist in removing excess water from your body, but will also assist with

collagen formation as discussed above. I am sorry to keep harping on the

importance of vitamin C, but it is one of the most amazing and

underrated vitamins around and can have a great effect on your general

well being.


If the issue is too much water retention, then taking diuretics will be

helpful. Sometimes you can’t take diuretics. Taking 1 teaspoon of baking

soda reduces constipation. Of course, if you want to rid of a lot of water,

which I don't recommend except for emergency, you can take 1/2

teaspoon of baking soda, 1/2 teaspoon of sea salt to 1/2 glass of water.

This could cause loose stools. Once that happens you can drink more

water, but stay away from fried foods, salty snacks, etc. Taking some

electrolyte drinks, sometimes called Oral Rehydration therapy, can also

restore electroytic imblance as well.

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