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Dark Circles MSS 4.22

Dark Circles MSS 4.22

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Published by: gardenhouse on Feb 07, 2010
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Everyday stress can be even more damaging to you than a major trauma

like losing your job or getting divorced. Chronic stress wears you out

continuously over time, causing long-term injury to your body’s cells in

the form of inflammation. Inflammation is how the body starts to heal

itself. When an area is injured or under attack, the body sends more

immune activity to that area through inflammation. But it’s such a

powerful mechanism, and it’s got such destructive potential, that it’s very

important that inflammation stay where it’s supposed to stay and end

when it’s supposed to end. Researchers now think that chronic low-level

inflammation might be the cause of most degenerative diseases. When

inflammation is not needed but goes on, it causes tissues destruction. In

the skin, one of the most common signs is redness. Over time, that


inflammatory process causes loss of elasticity and tone in the skin. A

major control is through diet, which is why an anti-inflammatory diet is

very important. In general, what you eat is more important to your skin

than what you put on it. When you start taking essential fatty acid

supplementation, such as fish-oil capsules, you can see, within six weeks,

noticeable improvements in skin, hair and nails. The same changes

happen through anti-inflammatory agents, such as ginger and turmeric

supplements, and Co-Enzyme Q10, an antioxidant that occurs naturally in

the body. It’s even better if you do both.

Regular stress reducers such as exercise, meditation, or just calling

friends can also buffer some of the effects of inflammation. Keep your

blood pressure normal, eat nine servings of fruits and vegetables a day,

stay at a healthy weight, and eat less than 20 grams of saturated and

trans fat every day, and you’ll slow your aging process way down. Taking

a baby aspirin every day will make most women look and feel younger, as

long as the doctor approves (it thins the blood so those already taking

blood-thinners such as Coumadin or mega-doses of fish oils should not

take aspirin). Aspirin decreases inflammation in your arteries, helping

ensure increased blood flow to all organs, including the skin. The other

supplement that has the same effect is omega-3 fatty acids (found in Fish



If you want to change your habits, spend time with people who have the

habits you want. Your outside reflects your inside. By improving your

health, you’re going to improve the way you look.

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