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born in Brussels on the 31st December 1514. physician. He is often referred to as the founder of human body anatomy. . was was an anatomist. Andreas Vesalius.

.On the fabric of the human body is a book written by Vesalius it was about his work of human anatomy It is one of the most influential books on human anatomy .

On this claim. the pulmonary vein. Heart Vesalius believed that a criterion for muscles was their voluntary motion. He wished to avoid and superior venae cavae and making any conclusions due the left atrium was to the inevitable onslaught considered a continuation of from religious figures. The right controversial issue of the atrium was considered a heart being the center of continuation of the inferior the soul. he deduced that the heart was not a true muscle due to its obvious involuntary nature of its motion. He identified two chambers He also addressed the and two atria. .

Vesalius came to the conclusion that nerves were not hollow . as was the Aristotelian belief. Nervous System Vesalius defined a nerve as the mode of transmitting sensation and motion and refuted his contemporaries’ claims that ligaments. tendons and aponeuroses were three types of nerve units. He believed that nerves do not originate from the heart. but that nerves stemmed from the brain.