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Expressing likes, dislikes
and preferences
Sentence patterns: Suggestions
• 1. Why don’t we go to the cinema?
• 2. We could go to the cinema.
• 3. Let’s go to the cinema.
• 4. What about going to the cinema?
• 5. How about going to the cinema?
• 6. I suggest that we go to the cinema.
• 7. Shall we go to the cinema?
• 8. It might be a good idea to go to the
Expressing likes
• i.e. I sort of/kind of like to…

• 1. I generally enjoy ( + ing)…

• 2. Most of the time, I am keen on (+ ing)…
• 3. I like to (infinitive)…
• 4. I very much enjoy (+ ing)… / I love to…
• 5. I am fanatical/serious about... (noun)
Expressing dislikes
• i.e. I suppose I can try to…

• 1. I’d rather not (infinitive)…

• 2. I generally do not like to (infinitive)…
• 3. I do not enjoy ( + ing / noun)…
• 4. I dislike…/ I have no interest in ( + ing
/ noun)…
• 5. I absolutely hate…/ I loathe…
(infinitive / noun)
Expressing preferences
• i.e. I tend to prefer spicy food to western

• 1. Even though I like…, I prefer…

• 2. I don’t mind…, but I prefer…
• 3. I generally prefer…
• 4. I definitely prefer…
Refusing politely
• Would you like to go out tonight?
I’m afraid I can’t go out tonight.

1. Why don’t you eat something?

Sorry, but I’m already full. (excuse)
2. Why don’t you eat some cheese?
Sorry, but I don’t particularly like dairy
Refusing politely
• 3. How about joining us tonight?
I’d rather not. I still have a lot of work to do.
• 4. Would you like to go shopping with us?
Actually, shopping is not my idea of fun.
• 5. Let’s go to cinema!
Thanks, but I don’t fancy the pictures.
• 6. Let’s go for a ride!
Thanks, but I’m not fond of motorcycles.
• 7. Shall we go to Tianjin this afternoon?
• No thanks. I don’t feel like it.
It’s your turn! Make suggestions
• I’m not particularly fond of
sports. • Shall we…?
• I do not enjoy spending my • Why don’t
Saturday afternoon in the you…?
shopping mall.
• You could…
• I am bored over the weekend
and I absolutely hate the • It might be a
feeling of being lonely. good idea to
• I am overloaded with work. try…
• I put on a bit of weight lately. • How about…?
• You might