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Final Self Reflection and Future Goals

Your final assignment for this class is to think about your

experiences observing and working with students in the classroom.
Think about what you learned and the implications your experience
has had on you becoming a teacher. In 2-3 pages, answer the
following questions.

1. Given the classroom observations you made and various course

assignments, how do you perceive the goodness of fit between
your dispositions and the teaching profession.
- Please use specific examples.
ANSWER: I view this semester as one full of challenges
that I overcame, but just barely.

I faced many

challenges and overcame all of them except for making

some mistakes like with submitting the assignments in
this class, but along with facing the death of a most
important mentor, being depressed and making sure I
graduate put me under lots of pressure.
class and school in general.

Thats just this

When I am doing my thing in

a classroom, I am like Forest Gump running (a fish in


This is my third time with CAVE, and the first

one made me more certain I wanted to teach, so the second

two times just increased that passion.

The greatest

feeling I can think of is when someone doesnt comprehend

something and several other people have already tried to
get it to click for them, and then I give it a shot and
it is ME, the way I EXPLAINED it that made them find

That usually indicates it was my talent

as a teacher that was at least a good part of it.

I plan

on teaching high school, but wouldnt rule out junior

high after volunteering at my old junior high.


Jeffers, my classmate who sits at our table actually had

Mr. Duncan, my mentor teacher as her 7th grade history

His classroom control was excellent.

2. Based on experiences you have had in a variety of classrooms,

including your two previous placements in EDTE 150, what seems
to be the most difficult aspect of teaching?
- Be specific.
I have never taken that class but fortunately still
have two previous C.A.V.E. semesters before.

think dealing with difficult students that waste

time or misbehave nearly daily but I only heard
about them for the most part.

Teachers said all

three times that I got lucky with that particular


Good bunch of kids all around.

At Chapman,

with the 2nd graders, one kid didnt have a dad and I

become a sort of father figure within what is


He talked to me about his life in the

classroom and I believe had autism or a behavioral

disorder and the teacher told me he was often a
problem, but I only saw him cry, which isnt a crime
once and witnessed no other disruptions.

I would

like to think I helped achieve that at least in

Do you think this is particular to you or would many teachers
identify this as a difficult aspect of teaching?
- Explain and/or comment.
This one is universally cited by all my mentor
teachers with the added common complaint of the
worst types of parents.

There are three most common

kinds that they see. 1. Abuse is occurring in the

home but the child is still in that environment and
you cant yell at, express anger or anything else
toward the abusive parent. 2. Parents that are just
bad (drugs, alcohol, kids that got a new stepparent
seemingly annually, and 3. Parents who, when their
child is in disciplinary trouble, their little
angel would never do that. That one was the one
that had the most contempt in their voices when
telling me of this.
How do you plan to address this challenge?

I always just try to stay calm as possible, nod,

smile and agree and do all I can to fix it within my

If it comes to a students physical safety

or danger of loss of life, I will go to war for that

student, regulations be durned.

My mom is a Chico

State Nursing Professor had a student who was too

mentally damaged to return to her apartment after
being raped in her parking lot.

Students arent

generally supposed to live with students, but that

is more commonly looked down upon when it is between
opposite genders, but she didnt care, that was a
human who needed somewhere to be and feel safe.


she has a good nursing job and a husband who she met
as a river guide she worked during summers and just
had her first kid.

She calls my mom quite often and

she vistited within the last year or two.

When my

mom first took her in, her eyes were what gave it
away, my mom didnt tell me what happened until
later, but she had a look in her eyes very much akin
to the look that combat veterans have in theirs upon

When I saw her during her visit, her

eyes were sparkling and had happiness in them.


or my dad no longer made her jump or flinch simply

by being males near her.

My mom was willing to take

that risk which wasnt all that large, to do what

she did and I think part of the reason her former
student is doing so well is because of my moms
astounding empathy.

3. What grade and credential most appeal to you and why?

Single Subject history and preferably 9-12 but Ill take 6-8
or 7-8 depending on the junior high.

I also really liked it

at Chapman and may like to get a multiple subject credential

at a later time, after I get married so I have support but
before kids.

My mom got her masters degree around a decade

ago while working as a nurse still and putting the finishing

touches on raising a son at the pleasant age of 16.
How has your observation experience and coursework influenced
this decision?
This is short but accurate.

Every experience in my

education education, I volunteered with CAVE three

times, with only this one required for a class.

wouldnt have chosen to do it just because if I

didnt think I would love it and I did so I did it

I am not confident in myself in all aspects

but I have quite a high degree of faith in my

abilities as a teacher already and finishing school,
earning my credential and each year, month or even
day will just reinforce my passion.

So I am going

to continue with my plan to teach secondary history,

but working at an elementary school made me at least
question what group I wanted to teach.
think I want to teach teenagers.

I still

My passion for

telling stories as well as history itself will only

grow with more experience.

4. Today, what are your primary goals for your future as a

This is even simpler. I want to be the best teacher
and mentor that I CAN BE!