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Your friend wants to borrow your

new trainers but you don’t want
to lend them to anyone. What do
you say?
a)“Buy your own trainers.”
b)“Sorry, but I don’t want to lend
them to anyone.”
c)Yes, of course.
2. When you are alone in your
friend’s bedroom, you see her
diary. Do you read it?
A) Yes.
b) No, that’s a terrible thing to do.
c) I read a little and then stop
3. Your friend phones you at 7 p.m. He’s
very upset because he can’t study for
a test. You have tickest to go and see
your favourite band in concert
tonight. Do you:
a) tell him to star studying earlier next time?
b) Miss the concert and go and help him?
c) Get up early to help him in the morning?
4. You see your best friend’s
boy/girlfriend kissing someone
a) Do you tell him/her?
b) No. It’s none of my business.
c) No. I don’t want to upset him/her.
5. You and your best friend try to get into
a hockey team. They ask him/her to
play but not you. What do you do?
a) Tell him/her not to join the team.
b) Say “Well done” and go and watch all the
c) Be angry for a few days, then go and
watch all the matches.
Mostly a: You don’t have many friends,
do you? You are very selfish.
Mostly b: You are the best friend of the
world; when you friend is happy,
you are happy too.
Mostly c: You have many friens but
perhaps you don’t have one
special friend.