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Mount View Elementary School Non-Harassment Agreement vate_LO/23/14 1. We agree NOT to talk to-each other or talk about each other (including name-calling or facial expressions such as. staring or mean mugging), at school or away from school. 2. We agree NOT to send messages to each other or contact each other through another person, note, phone call, text message, email, Facebook or other form of communication. 3. We WILL NOT push, shove, hit slap, Bump into, walkin the other person’s path, push a third person into the other person's path, or start a verbal or physical fight with each other. 4. This agreement is between US, and therefore we will not talk to our friends about it, nor encourage anyone else to become involved in bothering or inciting the other person. 5. If we are having problems with honoring this agreement, we will take them to : ‘aduilt)staff member dv pc AL ou Initials initials initials ‘Administrator