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Abbas, Ajay, Sonal and Viraj

What we thought a thriller
was :s
 Ajay: it has to be scary, like a
horror film.
Ab b a s: a m u sic vid e o m y M ich a e l
Ja ckso n
What is a thriller?
 Thrillers are often hybrids with other genres – there
are many different types of hybrids such as:
 action-thrillers
 crime-caper thrillers
 western-thrillers
 film-noir thrillers
 romantic comedy-thrillers
 Another closely-related genre is the horror film
genre. Thriller and suspense films are virtually
synonymous and interchangeable categorizations.
 Thrillers are types of films which promote intense
excitement, suspense, a high level of anticipation,
ultra-heightened expectation, uncertainty, anxiety,
and nerve-wracking tension.
Thriller Generic

The narrative centres around a crime e.g a theft or
a murder.
• The protagonist has a weakness which the
antagonist exploits.
• The protagonist will struggle at least once before he
can find a solution.
• The antagonist makes the protagonist feel isolated
and helpless.
• It is an ordinary situation in which extra ordinary
things can happen.
• Suspense is built up throughout the film
• The audience is put in an ambiguous position,
wanting to watch on.
• The film becomes more and more complicated with
many twists and turns untill at very end where
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