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Risk Assessment Form

Activity/Task: DSA driving school (imperial university)

Hazards rat Controls
(High, Med,
Injury can be sustained through trough Medium We will take all the necessary pre cautions in order to
transport and when getting on and off the assure that non of the crew is injured however we will
public networks. carry a mobile phone in case of an emergency and if
we require assistance.

Lose carpet or flooring could cause injury Medium Crew will be advised to look out for hazards and keep
when inside the establishment. one another aware of the hazards in the vicinity.

Toxic chemical in the lab could cause Low As the university lab is always in use care takers and
reactions. technicians will be taking personal responsibility of the

Rainy/snowy weather conditions could Medium I will do a weather check before hand; however I will
mean that equipment could be damaged also try to carry some extra money or a debit card in
our made hazardous to use or we face case of emergency.
trouble getting back.

Equipment could require charging and Low As the labs are a public use space all voltages coming
there on cause electric shock to user as into the building is controlled.
high voltages could be past through users