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Management Lessons from


Neha Goyal

. Defining Qualities: Compassion & Courage in leadership were crucial traits successfully used by LordRama.


.ShriRam as a Leader and as a Manager ShriRam was – • Independent. • was firm in his decisions. did not misuse power. delegated power to lieutenants • motivated troops honorably and led from the front. • was open and frank. Assertive but also Respectful.

The Rakshasa army was very potent. where courage & compassion were the major virtues his army responded magnificiently & carved out victory.ShriRam led an inferior & less armed army against the might of the Ravana’s elite army. having defeated the formidable devas & vanquished powerful kings Driven by Rama’s inspirational leadership. .



. • Rama applied the same in search of Sitaji and was successful in the mission.• Teamwork is an important principle in management.

.Setu Bandhan ..


leadership & Initiative • Shri HANUMAN : • Lead the Vanar Sena in search for Sitaji (initiative). . • Chief Strategist & a true leader.

leadership & Initiative • Eliminating Rakshasas • Exhibited his immense strength extraordinary powers- o Destroying fortress of Lanka o Eliminating its resources .

leadership & Initiative • Bringing Dronagiri parvat (Sanjivini Booti) .

Rama’s Qualities • Patience • Confidence • Only Mercy adorns worrier • Lesson Of Politics & compassion • Smartness .

Rama’s Leadership Qualities • Dharma & Righteousness • Risk Taking • Humbleness • To create Leader .

Video .

.Relevance of these Qualities today . .

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