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Weekly Checklist 5th Grade

Week of: ________________________

School Work Assignments


Religion Assignment from Dad_____________________________


Phonetic Zoo Level B (Please list Lesson # and Attempt #)

Fix it Grammar: The Nose Tree


Week # ______________

Pictures in Cursive (one page per day)

First Form Latin

Lesson # ______________

Practice Piano
Maps Charts and Graphs E United States and Its Neighbors
Focus on Middle School - Biology/Physics
Connecting with History The Arrival of the King and His Kingdom


Friday .







Add Two Historical Events from studies to Timeline: _________________________________

Student Writing Intensive Assignment:


Logic Liftoff (2 lessons per week)


Religion Reading Assignment _____________________________

Saxon 6/5 Lesson or Test (Please list Lesson # Completed)





Science Lab, Hands-on-History, or Art Project for the Week:


Currently Reading: _____________________________________________________________________________________________