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Written by
Ben Cockram
Ben Hill
Alex Stone


the knife not far away. The BOTTLE of alcohol is also standing on the table. CROSSFADE TO INT. LOUNGE A happy couple is seen in a photo frame. when a camera flash illuminates the murder weapon.AROUND 10AM FADE IN FROM BLACK TITLES BEGIN Crime scene tape is stretched across a door-frame. END TITLES FADE THROUGH WHITE CRIME SCENE OFFICER 1 Martin and Susan’s prints will inevitably be on the knife. CROSSFADE TO A bloodied kitchen KNIFE is lying on the carpet.S) I take it this is where the knife came from? . FRONT DOOR . CROSSFADE TO An overhead shot brings the whole room into view. there are no signs of a struggle. A CRIME SCENE OFFICER. Other than the knocked over tumbler. Everything beyond the tape is out of focus.EXT. The door is open and there is a KEY in the door. MARTIN’S HOUSE. MARTIN’S HOUSE. CROSSFADE TO Two tumblers are sat on a glass coffee table in the middle of the room. CRIME SCENE OFFICER 2 (O. but we’ll need to run the tests. sitting in a puddle of its contents. dressed in white coveralls and a face mask peers over the body and takes a photograph. one with a little bit of liquor left. the other knocked on its side. CSO1 stands up and takes a look at the photo he’s just taken. A body is lying dead on the floor in a pool of blood.

INTERROGATION ROOM . INT. CRIME SCENE OFFICER 1 (O. CSO1 looks over his shoulder towards CRIME SCENE OFFICER 2.. with one knife missing. KITCHEN A knife rack is seen on the kitchen worktop. POLICE STATION. which is why you were naturally our first suspect. Stabbed in the back with a kitchen knife.S) See if you can find anything.. CSO2 adjusts his latex gloves. OFFICER 1 You’ve had previous encounters with the police regarding Martin Edwards. (CONTINUED) . We wondered if you knew anything about it. A microphone is also set up to record the interview. before closing the doors. GERRY Suspect for what? What’s this about? OFFICER 1 Mr Edwards was found dead at his home this morning. CRIME SCENE OFFICER 2 You think the killer was wearing gloves? CRIME SCENE OFFICER 1 (O. EXT. GERRY MATTHEWS is sat opposite OFFICER 1. 2.S) Depends if it was spontaneous. Dust for prints. MARTIN’S HOUSE Two paramedics wheel the body out on a stretcher in a body bag out of the house and into an ambulance. A CIGARETTE BUTT is just visible on the floor.AROUND 2PM A clipboard is slammed down on the interrogation room table.

.S) Yeah. OFF LICENSE .S) I was at the Offy. GERRY (O. and got myself another job. The RECEIPT shows the time of the purchase as 9. OFFICER 1 I’ve read you’re file. GERRY Look.CONTINUED: 3. OFF LICENSE . the pubs aren’t open that early. around nine o clock? INT. He drops a CIGARETTE BUTT and stamps it out before entering.S) Can you tell me where you were this morning. but who says you wouldn’t do something like that again? GERRY I’ve learned my lesson. I was arrested for harassment.9. including the BOTTLE seen on Martin’s coffee table. I got angry and made rash decisions. We didn’t see eye to eye.08.07 Gerry is at the counter. his prejudice made me the first to go. EXT. OFFICER 1 (O. The cashier puts the RECEIPT and change on the counter as Gerry is putting his booze in a bag. so when it came to making cuts in regards to the number of staff.9. six months ago I was made redundant by Martin. I threw bottles at his house and banged on the door and stuff. buying various alcoholic drinks.05 Gerry is seen walking into the off license.S) At nine o clock? GERRY (O. I don’t have anything to do with him anymore. OFFICER 1 (O.

I walked along Tumbridge up to the high street. like most mornings.. She has blood under her fingernails.. OFFICER 2 (Surprised) And that took you three quarters of an hour? SUSAN (Hiding something) I saw my friend Cheryl and stopped to have a chat.. OFFICER 2 Okay. The Officer uses a notepad to jot down Susan’s statement. SUSAN Well. But when I came back. and then went into the post office to get a few things. but we need to hear your account of the events that occurred this morning. OFFICER 2 comes along and sits next to her. I went for a walk. WAITING ROOM SUSAN EDWARDS is sat in the waiting room. OFFICER 2 What time did you go for your walk and when did you get back? SUSAN It must have been about. OFFICER 2 I know this will be hard for you... 4. and then came back along Blackburn. POLICE STATION. And I got back at about quarter past nine. offering a cup of coffee. still in shock. half past eight I went out. OFFICER 2 Okay.. so you wont mind if I ask another office to go down and confirm that? (CONTINUED) . and where did you go in this time? SUSAN Well... but doesn’t drink. She simply takes it.

I’ve been here all day. OFFICER 2 Susan Edwards says she visited this morning. EXT. I was seeing Frank. FRANK (Reluctantly) Alright. Was she acting out of the ordinary or anything that raised your suspicions? FRANK What? Martin’s wife? What are you talking about? I’ve got nothing to do with her... but what we do need to know is whether she was acting any differently. I didn’t go to the post office. There’s no point trying to cover it up. she didn’t even come round this morning.... FRANK (Confused) I’m still not quite sure what you’re talking about... . SUSAN (Reluctantly) Well. KITCHEN The two Officers are standing with Frank.AROUND 3PM Both Officers stand outside FRANK HILL’s front door as Officer 1 knocks. INT. anything at all. FRANK’S HOUSE. but I don’t want this getting out . FRANK’S HOUSE . a PACKET OF FAGS is visible on the worktop. OFFICER 1 We know you’re having an affair with her. okay..think what this would do to my reputation! OFFICER 1 We’re not interested in your relationship with her.CONTINUED: 5.I’m a respected member of the community .

SUSAN But it wasn’t me! I know I’ve been unfaithful but I didn’t kill my husband! Susan breaks down into tears. A CLOCK is just visible in the background. Officer 2 sits opposite her. She tries to wake him but to no avail. but I found his mobile on the side. He said you didn’t go round at all today.S) We have each others keys so I let myself in. INT. MARTIN’S HOUSE. how did you get into Frank’s house if he wasn’t in? Susan tries to compose herself.9.15 Susan rushes into the lounge to find Martin dead on the floor. Someone killed your husband this morning and we’re simply trying to find out who. You do believe me don’t you? OFFICER 2 That’s what we’re trying to determine. OFFICER 2 Okay. 6. before dialing 999. He wasn’t there so I went home but I when got back to mine I found Martin! . I was there! I tried to call him. out of focus. SUSAN (Surprised) But. LOUNGE . for arguments sake let’s say you are telling the truth.AROUND 4PM Susan is now being formally interviewed in the interrogation room. INT. POLICE STATION. SUSAN (O. OFFICER 2 We’ve spoken with Mr Hill and he says he didn’t see you. INTERROGATION ROOM . It reads just after quarter past nine.

Martin Edwards was murdered in his own home. JOHN’S HOUSE . Why were you visiting Mr. OFFICE Officer 2 puts the phone down as Officer 1 walks past. 7. we’ve just had a witness say they saw a possible suspect enter and leave Martin’s house shortly before nine. He is wearing a short sleeve shirt and a NICOTINE patch is visible on his upper left arm. Edwards? (CONTINUED) . EXT. looking confused.AROUND 5PM The two Officers knock on JOHN TAYLOR’s door. OFFICER 2 Sir. POLICE STATION. INTERROGATION ROOM .30PM John is sat opposite both Officers.AROUND 5. we wondered whether you could come down to the station with us? INT.joint owner of Taylor Edwards LTD. POLICE STATION. OFFICER 1 John Taylor? JOHN Yes? Can I help? OFFICER 1 We have a few questions. John answers the door. JOHN (Shocked) What!? But I saw him this morning! OFFICER 2 That brings us to our first question. OFFICER 1 Who is it? OFFICER 2 A Mr John Taylor . OFFICER 2 At around nine o clock this morning.

CONTINUED: 8. OFFICER 2 So there were no arguments? Nothing got out of hand? JOHN No. and we’ve been friends for years. and we had an agreement that I could keep 15% equity. JOHN Well. I co-own a wood working business with Martin. In the end we came to the decision that I’ll stay on at least another sixth months until we come up with a more permanent solution.. and in the meantime I’ll be keeping my half of the business... it was all settled peacefully.. When we drew up our contract we decided that if either of us passed away. OFFICER 1 So you went to settle the dispute? JOHN Yes. he was expecting me. (CONTINUED) . OFFICER 1 But now that he’s dead. it was purely business related. what will happen to his share? JOHN I haven’t really thought about that. OFFICER 1 Do you think that would be a big enough incentive for you to kill him? JOHN No! We were friends for years! This is all such a shock. Next month I was planning on retiring. but recently I discovered that Martin had been in contact with another company about buying part of my share. the other would take on their half of the company.

OFFICER 2 So approximately what time did you leave? JOHN It must have been just before nine o clock. He offered me a drink. a monitor in front of him shows details of the case. He picks up a folder from his desk and turns around. but when you visited. INT. take a look at the interview recordings and see if you can find anything that could help solve this case. and we sat down and had a civilised conversation. POLICE STATION. I was there for about twenty minutes and then left the way I came in. OFFICE . OFFICER 2 And the lounge was the only room you went in? JOHN Yes.CONTINUED: 9. OFFICER 1 I want you to look over the evidence again. holding out the folder to Officer 2. who is also sat at his desk. where exactly did you go in the house? Talk us through it. JOHN From the front door we went straight to the lounge. OFFICER 2 I understand.AROUND 6PM Officer 1 is sat at his workstation. .