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The medical Renaissance

Andreas Vesalius was born in Brussels on the 31 st December 1514.

Vesalius was a famous doctor, who helped further the understanding of
the human body. He was trained at many prestigious universities, such
as; Louvain, Paris and Padua, also he came from a family of doctors, as
his father and grandfather both led the same profession. He was
motivated to develop the knowledge of the anatomy; therefore he
ransacked cemeteries for bodies which he could later dissect. He
disproved some of Galen’s work, and came to the conclusion that
Galen had probably only ever dissected animals. He came to this
decision after discovering that humans had one jaw bon, whereas He
said we had 2. Later in life he became a professor at Padua University,
which he had previously studied at, whilst the he encouraged students
to perform there own dissections. He left behind a famous quote “Our
true book of the human body is man itself.” Eventually he wrote
his own book which was called “Fabric of the human body” this
was a reputable book; one reason for this is that there was a lot of
artistic work throughout the book which were demonstrations of his
work on the anatomy. The book focused on human dissections and the
anatomy, He remained doing imperial service and became physician to
Emperor Charles v.