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Analysing Secondary Research

By Spencer Coleman


characters and status. • Establish setting and era straight away in openings. Media Language • All Rely on natural lighting to create naturalistic feel helps to make them as life-like as possible. • Variety of shots used to establish setting. .

Genre • All belong to the genre of British Social Drama- • Lower class characters • Set in particular context • Gritty Language and Characters • Pessimistic Outlook • Patriotic Britain • Focuses on serious problem occuring in Britain • Social Influences .

Representation • In the openings the characters are representated as: • Lower/Working class • Low status • Violence fuelled • Represents a patriotic Britain • Impact of gangs/cults .

. Audience • Audience is towards people who can directly relate to the issues. sex. • Those who can relate the problems to Britain- understand the problems. • People who can relate it to real-life. • People of younger ages opposed to older due to violence. drugs. alcohol.

We presume due to lower class settings it will rely on strong issues such as effects of poverty and what that entails. From build-up at start we presume for the to be violence to come. Ideology • From the openings we establish a clear understanding of where the film is set. .