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Renaissance Medicine

Vesalius was a renaissance doctor who trained at Louvain, Paris and

Padua universities. He came from a long time of doctors, his father and
grandfather having been successful doctors before Vesalius. After
becoming a professor at Padua University he claimed that medical
students should perform dissections for themselves to grasp a firm
understanding of the human body. Later on, Vesalius published a book
named ‘The fabric of the human body’ including high quality
illustrations which transformed anatomy. Vesalius also disproved some
of Galen’s work that civilisation had believed to be true for over a
thousand years! This included the discovery that the human jaw did in
fact only have one bone and Galen thought that the jaw had two
bones. Vesalius did understand that in Galen’s time, he was only
allowed to dissect animals so Galen had to improvise with his ideas.
Vesalius did in no way feel that Galen was an unable doctor and
understood the limitations that Galen faced.