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"Health Education Lesson Plan"

= Response is required

Lesson Title-Food Safety- Day 2, during this day the students will bring along their entrance ticket that answered the 10

questions about their at home kitchen safety. Then the students will be shown a powerpoint lecture which will be based off
of basic information regarding food contamination, health beliefs, food preparation and food safety. Once this is complete
the students will be assigned and introduced to their WebQuest projects.


The student will demonstrate advocacy of food safety through the use of proper decision making skills to enhance health.
This lesson will be taught in the normal health education 50 minute timeframe.

Grade Level

This lesson is for a 12th grade health class

General Information - Resources and Educational Setting
Please identify 1) Health Methods, Web Quest, Videos, Guess Speaker 2) district, school or cooperating teacher requirement or
expectations, 3) amount of time devoted each day or week in your classroom to the content or topic of your instruction, 4) ability
grouping or tracking, 5) any other special features of your school or classroom that will affect the teaching of this lesson.
Textbook, Instructional Program or Web Resource

Title: Teaching Todays Health 9th Edition

Publisher: Pearson Benjamin Cummings
Date of Publication: 2010 (pages 305-340)

District, school or cooperating teacher requirement or expectations

Throughout this lesson the students will be turning in safe kitchen entrance tickets upon arrival, we will then be
moving on to a PowerPoint lecture covering information regarding food contamination, food preparation and food safety.

During this time the students will fill out a worksheet highlighting the PowerPoint. Then the students will be assigned
their WebQuest groups and discuss ideas exchange contact information.
Ability grouping or tracking due to content

As the students are put in to WebQuest groups they will be able to collaborate together and address ideas for their projects.

Other special features of your school or classroom

Health posters that were created on the first day demonstrating knowledge on food safety will be spread out
throughout classroom to provide them with more in depth learning.

Information about Students and Specific Learning Needs

Classroom Demographics
Please indicate the following:
Total students___24______

Differentiation of Instruction - Accommodating Student Needs

In this section please clearly describe how you are planning for differentiation of instruction to accommodate students with Exceptional/Special Needs and/or pertinent
IEP Objectives
*Please numerically identify/match Special Need to Accommodations Planned

Description of Special Need

Planned Instructional Accommodations

IEP- Mild Autism

Oral responses, modified time, study guides/tests (modified

lower level, teacher assistant if available

IEP- Mild Dyslectic

Modified time, study guides/test (modified lower level),

teacher assistant if available

Information about the Lesson

In this section you will need to clearly identify the important, powerful ideas that enable students to make sense of isolated facts.
*What is the big idea of that your lesson encompasses?
*How is this lesson essential to your students understanding of the overarching unit/topic objective(s)?
*In which content area standards will your students gain competence?
Central Focus = Main Health Content/Life Skill Addressed
Standard 1: Students will comprehend concepts related to health promotion and disease prevention to enhance health.
1.12.1, 1.12.5,
Standard 2: Students will analyze the inuence of family, peers, culture, media, technology, and other factors on health behaviors
. 2.12.2, 2.12.9
Lesson Behavioral Objective(s)

The students will be given a worksheet to fill out based on their thoughts from the variety of video clips.
Cognitive objective required
Cognitive - After listening to the lecture and highlighting the worksheet the student will be able to describe multiple steps for ensuring
proper food safety.
Psychomotor - After listening to lecture, and participating in the group activity the student will select a specific topic about food
safety to create a WebQuest for.
Affective - Upon completion of the worksheet on food safety the student will develop a better understanding of some common risks
associated with improper food safety habits.

Grade Level Expectations and Depth of Knowledge

Grade Level Expectation (GLE)
Found on the NHES or WI-DPI website under the Grade Level Benchmarks
Depth of Knowledge (DOK) - use Nutbeams Hierarchy of Health Literacy
1= Functional - basic knowledge of information
2= Interactive development of personal skills (NHES 2-8)
3= Critical ability to bring about personal and societal change
*Please numerically identify/match GLE to appropriate DOK

Grade Level Expectations

Depth of Knowledge

12th grade
1. 1.12.1-Predict how healthy behaviors can affect health
2. 1.12.5-Propose ways to reduce or prevent injuries and
health problems.
3. 1.12.7 -Compare and contrast the benefits of and
barriers to practicing a variety of healthy behaviors.

1.1- Functional
2.2- Interactive
3.2- Interactive
4.2- Interactive
5.2- Interactive

4. 2.12.2- Analyze how the culture supports and

challenges health beliefs, practices, and behaviors.
5. 2.12.9- Analyze how some health risk behaviors can
influence the likelihood of engaging in unhealthy

Academic Language
The language of education that is different from everyday spoken language. The content specific terms (ex: hygiene, FITT, nutrient
density...) and the process terms (ex: theory, hypothesis, evaluate, compare and contrast) that enable a student to be successful in the
*(Verb and noun from behavioral objective plus other related terms, See Marzanos Building Academic Vocabulary - Health Handout)

Health Content Specific Terms

General Educational Processing Terms

Advocacy-The act or process of supporting a cause or

proposal: the act or process of advocating something.


Food Contamination
Food Preparation


Health literacy


Food Safety


Refusal skills
Food Hygiene- a way of preserving and preparing food to
ensure it's safe to eat.
Long-term goals

Assessment of Prior Knowledge

How have learners encountered this content before, either through experience in daily life or prior instruction? What related content
have the students learned that has laid a foundation for this lesson? What errors in understanding or thinking (i.e. misconceptions)
might learners bring with them into this lesson?

Prior to this lesson the students were asked to take home a 10 question survey
about their home kitchen. In this survey the students were to answer questions
pertaining to their kitchens food safety and food hygiene. This is the entrance
ticket for Day 2

Planned Administration - identify

format, i.e., verbal, written, electronic,
individual, whole group.

Beginning of the Lesson

Content Introduction Activity
Be sure to include the following in your responses:
-a clear description of the activity,
-the planned time allotment,
-a complete list of all materials that you will need to support the planned learning activity,
-brief reflection on how this activity will develop competency in the standards selected for this lesson.

Activity Description: Students will listen to material from

PowerPoint as well as fill out a worksheet highlighting the

Brief reflection on how this activity will develop your

students competency in standard(s) selected to target
during this lesson.

Activity #1 = Food Safety Lecture/PowerPoint

The students will be able to comprehend concepts related to

Food Safety as well as analyze the influence of peers,
family, etc. while actively listening to the lecture and filling
out the in class worksheet.

Time: 30 minutes
Materials needed: Worksheet

Content Development Activity - 1

Activity Description: The students will be able to select a Brief reflection on how this activity will develop your
specific topic for their WebQuest on food safety and fill out students competency in standard(s) selected to target
exit ticket.
during this lesson.
Activity #2= WebQuest Group Collaboration
Time: 15 minutes

The students will be able to collaborate with other group

member and comprehend concepts related to food safety
while filling out exit ticket.

Materials needed: Worksheet, book, pen and paper
WebQuest Example ^^^^^^^^^

During Instruction-Assessment
This may include Guided Practice, Independent Practice, Questioning, structured Observations, etc., including what you will be
looking for.

Description of During Instruction Assessment - include

actual questions to be used to "Check for Understanding"
during instruction.

Planned Administration - identify verbal, written

worksheet, individual, whole group collaboration.

-Why is it important to talk about this topic at this current

stage in your life?
-What health skills demonstrate a healthy lifestyle?
-What concepts will this class help you recognize in
becoming a more well-rounded health advocate?

Post Instruction-Assessment
How will you know if your students understood the lesson? How will assessments provide evidence of student learning relative to the
objectives for the lesson? How will you differentiate assessments for students having difficulty demonstrating their learning as well as
those needing more challenge? How are the assessments aligned to clearly defined benchmarks or criteria for student performance?
*Please include all planned Formative and Summative assessments

Description of Post-Assessment
Formative- The students will be asked to complete exit
ticket identifying specific questions about their WebQuest,
this will provide evidence of student learning from the
Summative- After grading completed worksheets there
will be evidence of student performance.

Brief reflection on how the assessment will provide

insight into the development of competency in Health
content knowledge and/or skills.
The students will be able to comprehend concepts related to
food safety as well as analyze the influence of peers, family,
etc. after the completion of day 2.

Take Home - Family Connection Assignment/Activity

Please describe how you will support a connection between the students home life/lifestyle choices and the targeted NHES and lifeskills of this lesson.
Take Home - Family Connection

Description of Take Home / Family Connection


Brief reflection on how the activity will provide support

for continued development of the targeted Health life-

The students will take home their ideas for their WebQuest
and ask their parents which specific topic dealing with
Food Safety they think would be a good candidate for a

This activity will help parents get involved in showing their
children theirs beliefs in food safety and possibly open
doors for becoming a better food safety advocate.