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Published by: misskitten on Feb 07, 2010
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A/N: I’m really excited to finish this story so this is the second chapter I’ve written today.

I hope you enjoy P.S. this is the day of Bella and Human Edward’s Wedding. Chapter 11 BPOV I should have been nervous, scared of tripping, stuttering, or something else embarrassing. But I had already married Edward once what was a second time? It was nothing, right. RIGHT! Aw who am I kidding I’m freaking out. This dress wasn’t as bad as the one Alice had picked out for me but I knew I was going to do something plus this was so different I had only known this Edward for three months and one of those months I spent more time with his mom than with him. “Bella how are you?” Mrs. Mason asked. “I’m fine.” I squeaked She laughed. “It’s ok to be nervous. It will be fine. Somebody is here to see you.” She said. I looked up and saw Carlisle. “Carlisle!” I yelled, I ran up and hugged him. “I’m glad to see you too Bella.” Carlisle said. “You have ten minutes Bella.” Mrs. Mason said, and then she left. “Why are you out during the day?” I asked. “Haven’t you seen the weather? It’s cloudy outside, I can walk around unnoticed.” He told me. “Oh Carlisle I’m so scared.” I told him. “Why on earth are you scared Bella?” “Carlisle you haven’t known me long enough to realize this but I’m accident prone I know I’m gonna trip or say the wrong thing. Then I miss my vampire Edward and ugh, I’m just freaking out.” I said on the brink of hysteria. “Bella. BELLA! Calm down it’s going to be fine.” I tried to interrupt but he stopped me. “No. listens, I may not know that boy very well yet but I know one thing he is in love with you. I saw it the first time I met him. When you walked out with me. He loves you Bella. You don’t need to worry. I mean you’re already married to him this is just . . . for his benefit.” Carlisle told me. “You’re right.” I said and he was. “Bella, two minutes.” Mrs. Mason said. I turned to Carlisle. “Will you walk me up the isle?” I asked. I had been thinking of asking Carlisle to do this for awhile but I didn’t know if he would even make it to the wedding. “Me?” he asked shocked. “Yes, you are my father know,” I told him. Then I dropped my voice so low that no human would have heard me. “I married your son remember.” At that he smiled. “I’d love too but . . . “I cut him off. “No buts, as Alice would say always are prepared.” I pulled a flower that the one Edward wore. I let him put it on explaining that I would stab myself when I was done he asked. “Who is Alice?” “One of your daughters and my best friend, you don’t change her but she finds you some time in the

1950’s I think.” I shrugged and went to get my bouquet. “You’re not telling me something.” He said a bit amused. “There is a lot I’m not telling you.” I told him. “Why?” he asked. “I don’t want to mess with anything.” I told him. “I want to make sure you are all in Forks in the year 2006.” I told him. “That’s when you meet him?” Carlisle asked. I nodded. “We will be, I promise.” “Good but don’t let Edward know and don’t think about it.” “Why shouldn’t I think about it?” “I’ll tell you later, are you ready?” “sure.” He said. “Let’s go.” We stood in the back of the church the song was about to start I was so excited. Just as the doors were about to open Carlisle leaned down to me and said. “Thank you Bella.” “What for” I asked as we began our walk. “I thought that being what I am I would never get to walk my daughter down the aisle, I never thought I would have a daughter, you’ve changed that thank you.” He said. “It was my pleasure.” Just then we reached Edward. Carlisle took my hand and placed it in Edwards. Edward’s face held so many emotions, happiness, joy, and confusion to name a couple. I didn’t understand the confusion in till I saw him through one lass glance at Carlisle questioning. I smiled he was confused about why Carlisle had walked me up the isle? He had to be crazy not to realize that Carlisle was the closest thing I had to a father. Everything went perfect as had the first one. The reception was beautiful showing just how much Mrs. Mason was like Alice. “I love you.” I told Edward as we danced. “I love you too.” He said it was perfect and I was happy. I said goodbye to Carlisle when he told me he had to leave. “I’ll see you soon.” I told him. “The flu has already started, people are already dyeing.” He told me sadly. “I know, it will be late November when he gets it, his parents will die first. I’ll be there.” “I’ll see you then Bella.” “See you then.” I told him. For a while I continued to think about the fact that soon Edward would be dyeing. This was going to be

hard I knew it would be, I just hopped that everything would be ok. Please let it be ok, I begged. Please. A/N: i'm almost done with this story and i'm going to try to finish it this week but my brothers keep saying that i'm hogging the computor so i don't know. please Rewiew Review Review. and vote in the poll so i know what story to start next i love Y'all.

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