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Nothing to Power and Emptiness to Supremacy

(From Vadim Filatov's book "The Warriors of Emptiness")

“I do not teach a primitive replacement of one human rule by another, which could
be even more human, but the most severe capture of absolute superiority through
Nothing to Power and the statement of total prevalence through Emptiness to
Supremacy. That means: one having ears... finds them already cut off” (Azsacra
Zarathustra “Nothing to Power and Emptiness to Supremacy”)

If the nuclear bomb could philosophize, it would certainly claim that its philosophy is
for anybody to embrace, but it is also a fact that its deadly wisdom just belongs to
everybody. Thus the modern philosopher, poet-mystic Azsacra Zarathustra, the severe
founder of the legendary and entirely empty “Bible of Nothing, Bible of Emptiness”
says. This Book of Books (1000 pages) represents something which Mircea Eliade
termed as “ierofania”, a manifestation of the sacred in ordinary things, a concentration
of the power of Absolute Emptiness.
Mystical intuitions are often difficult to perceive only because stupid and indisputable
ideas are quite understandable. This article is based on statements by Azsacra and
represents some kind of prolegomena to his philosophy of Nothing to Power (“Das
Nichts zur Macht”) and Emptiness to Supremacy (“Die Leere zur Herrschaft”).
Azsacra says that his philosophy should “create an effect of a Definitive Absence of the
weakness” which, in turn, will lead to the annihilation of all human-created systems of
universality based upon the concept of the “same” Weight of Spirit (der Geist der

At midday when a mystical dialogue occurring in absolute silence stopped, the Snake
suddenly bit Zarathustra on his lips. Zarathustra, having stroked it, laughed and instantly
overtook Death. The Eagle, who had brought honey in its beak to Zarathustra, found
only his corpse. “I am the murderer of Zarathustra!” — the creeping Snake hissed. The
Eagle seized the snake with its claws and tore it into pieces. Then the shouting Eagle
soared up into the sky with its curly black thunderclouds, and was in a flash incinerated
by the lightning, which had struck therein. But the lightning, which was the Overman,
perished, too. The decline of Zarathustra ended with the last and the brightest flash of
lightning. The great ring of returning has become isolated with a Death in Death, for
only a most Cruel Destruction contains the secret of the main transition.

The Nietzschean Overman (Übermensch) has died and will not return any more,
even if he found a new, still unknown, “Will to Power” (Der Wille zur Macht).
Together with the Death of the Overman, the Devil, the secret of the Evil unsolved by
anybody, disappears too. So it is impossible either to think of, or to design Absolute
Evil today. There is only a “permanent person” in the world, who is doomed to come
back eternally to himself realising his pitiful and cowardly “human, too human” state.
But then at the moment of the triumph of the “ordinary person”, on that side of all “on-
those-sides”, from the Death of the Overman, the Overnoumen (Übernoumen) is born.
It is Nothing (Nichts) itself which just like every “top” violently aspires to the only
one: to overtake Death!

“Two resuscitations, severe poisonings, necrosis, extensive burns, deep chipped and
cutting wounds, open crises, ruptures of muscles on the stomach from blows, a strong
blood poisoning, the loss of the right eye. But that's not enough. Once, after being hit
with a sledge hammer in my heart, I asked, what is it, a war or a butcher's shop? The
crash of a dragonfly on fire, I was answered” (Azsacra Zarathustra “Nothing and
Nothing to Power”)

The pure hollow wisdom of Overnoumen is a kind of the most terrible wisdom. It
proclaims four basic imperatives:

1) Not to be born; 2) Not to exist; 3) To be Nothing; 4) And hence to overtake Death as

soon as possible.

The Overnoumen-Nothing destroys all conceivable and inconceivable limits of

rationalism and irrationalism. It is not necessary to overestimate all values for the aim of
showing Nothing to Power: to eliminate all values and all judges of these values,
including Nothing is enough. The Overnoumen`s Will to Power (Der Wille zur
Macht) unlike human will to live is only an infinite excess of all Rates of Death. It
proclaims entirely another world — “The World as Will and Destruction”. To
strengthen the power of all living means to strengthen the force of all dead. The birth of
Nothing from the Spirit of Nietzsche means a birth of extreme violence of life from the
Spirit of Nothing. Such is an empty fighting strategy of overcoming traditional
“nihilism” by means of anti-philosophy of Great Midday. Such is the empty kingdom
of Zarathustra confirmed as a projection of the Nietzschean Will to Power through
Nothing to Power and Emptiness to Supremacy.

The thinking thinks and the Will demands a hidden and secret place in the field of
Death. Only here is thinking without fear possible. It is necessary to remember that any
second which is lived or thought contains fear. Therefore Dragons of Horror should
devour dragons of fear. Every philosophical support just help to keep our fear, and
therefore they must be brutally exterminated. Here comes a time to strike all
philosophy with a finishing blow. This would be the final wound exacted by the sword
of absence, piercing the neck of the won presence. It is necessary to cleanse it with the
madness of Nietzsche … exposing the madness of all philosophy as total cowardice of
thinking. There is nothing better for a man than to think as Nietzsche thought and to die
as Mishima died. The medieval Japanese Samuray (Spirit which always was ready to
Rupture!) would tell so: it is necessary to trust only to the voices of dead heroes. It is
impossible to believe those who have escaped. Every original thinker is dangerous, only
danger gives birth to truth. To think dangerously means to think with extreme Excesses
of Death. Do not recede even if someone is going to shoot with a revolver at your head.
Only in the Void Emptiness is quite Empty.

The mind is capable of becoming God, but your body will be cut into pieces all the
same. Besides, the body should be ready for the most terrifying truth — the Absolute
Rupture of Spirit! It is necessary to rise up to the Highest Tops of Death where the
relentless Spirit breaks away from“everybody”, as being “too human”. Every kind of
rupture and destruction is always more perfect than inspiration and enlightenment. The
defeat would be too easy an outcome for men and consequently the ordinary person will
not receive it. Everything will be much more terrible. He who is afraid to be lost as the
dog, or to be crushed as the ant, will be killed in a manner that is hundred times worse
— as a person. “If you can't teach anybody to fall, you will transform him into a
carrion!” — Thus spoke Azsacra Zarathustra.

Unlike men all animals always overtake their Death with redundancy and advantage.
This is the greatest kind of happiness — to live far from people, among predatory eagles
and venomous snakes. Azsacra says that the tiniest crushed worm becomes — in its
Death — more powerful than God himself. For example, it is usually thought that the
concepts of “hen” and “heroism” are contradictory to one another. Meanwhile, every
hen is capable of the most extreme display of its will — “of the effect of the chopped
head”. At the point of Death every hen is more perfect than any tiger. We can express
this thought even more distinctly — the dying hen, whether we like it or not, exceeds
even Mishima. This means that not a person, not even God, but only Death has the
required courage to finish with this thinking up until the very end. We need to obtain
courage to think like Death. This is a kind of an inexorably murderous attack against all.
Each concrete and absolute law should be violated and killed with Nothing to Power
and Emptiness to Supremacy. This requires a continuous and “voiding/elusive will” of
the most sparkling Death. The highest experience of the released annihilation underlines
scantiness and wretchedness of any human board of the force, in comparison with
Spiritual Power of Rupture. We should operate outside of the purpose, outside of the
justification and outside of the senses, showing only the luxury of the maximum
Aggression of Spirit. We do not have to live as a kind of substantial “person”, but we
rather have to battle incessantly with the most extreme surplus of the “Over”! The
powerful and Absolute Nothing to Power is impossible to be stopped because it is
quite useless. There are neither many, nor the only thing in this Nothing. Only
magnificent Overnoumen in Luxurious Aggression can exert its advantage from
Emptiness to Supremacy.

“I teach to exterminate pupils. The original school of struggle is a temple without

believers. I am an extreme danger of Emptiness and all who go on in my traces, without
having seen them, will disappear” (Azsacra Zarathustra “Nothing and Nothing to

The true Non-existence includes the destruction of funerals, funeral ceremonies and a
funereal cowardice of thinking. A funeral is a cowardly and shameful flight of “all-
human” from the terrifying courage of a corpse. There is Nothing in everything, which
was brutally murdered and this Nothing will always revenge the world and (as Nothing
to Power) will necessarily jump. This is Nothing to Power, as a simultaneous
destruction of the top and the bottom, domination and anarchy, order and chaos. And
Emptiness to Supremacy always follows Nothing to Power — as a final destruction
of all the rest. To kill the world as a weakness means to overcome it not by force, but by
absence, and to force a life to live only as a Non-existence. “Persons of no character
quail before pure enthusiasm, they cannot suffer heat of its fire”, — thus Alfred de
Vigny wrote. In this manner, exercises in active mastering of Death are always directed
not against sacral principles of life, but only against ordinary ways of “dying”. Thus —
these “exercises in Death”, violent “throws in destruction” prepare the Overman for
the subsequent battles in Absolute Nothing. The Overman indefatigably practices so
that his Pure Über/ “Over” could surpass the partial and small-biased “man”, the tower
of the vision of universal Non-existence. And this way is always one: from the
Overman (Übermensch) — through his destruction — to Over Without “man”
(Überohnemensch); and then and further away — to Overnoumen (Übernoumen).
What for? Even one atom of Death is more valuable than a million parts of rescue and
preservation, the Corpse is more courageous than the Spirit. The Corpse is a great
mastering of Spirit in its unexpected cowardice. It is impossible to live without the
project of own Death. And not only without projects of Death itself, but also without
plans concerning further actions with a Corpse. This means that it is necessary to
continue to amaze and to terrify the world with the help of our “exterminated body” —
even after our own annihilation. We suppose those who should participate this would
not tremble. But this is possible to manage even without them.

To go over the bones of Confucius as a laughing lion.

Emptiness is more ruthless than fight and revolution.
While Tao softly squeezes its fist —
Nobody overtakes Nothing — without dying in any way.
Nothing is overtaken by Nobody — without reviving in any way.

(Azsacra Zarathustra “Overnoumen”)

“There is Nothing which never varies in anything, except Nothing to Power” —

such is the obligatory law For Nobody. But is the illusion of the world being
strengthened by the illusion of a person not quite the same, as “common people”? We
hate the world not because it is “world”, but because it is — “cattle”, an assemblage of
cowardly mongrels. Therefore if slaves do not doze, their Aristocrats do not sleep. If
Emptiness is absent and does not order, then Emptiness to Supremacy orders.
We have to use the Secret Power of the most hidden forces, superiorities and
prevalences, such as Non-being (bravery), Non-existence (boldness), Absence
(courage), Emptiness (determination), Nothing (courage). The superior purpose of the
“Buddha before Buddha” — is the fourth (truthful) turn of the wheel of the Dharma
which will proclaim the arrival of Nothing to Power and Emptiness to Supremacy.
There is nothing this is “existing”, except Nothing to Power. No thing is anything
other than Nothing to Power passing in Emptiness to Supremacy. Nothing to Power
forces each Zarathustra to become the warrior and leader of Emptiness to Supremacy.
It does not allocate disappearing something with a life in Nothing, but, on the contrary,
destroys even Nothing itself. If there is no other place to go to, this would mean the
beginning of motion with the help of Nothing to Power. When there is nothing else to
attack, this would become the beginning of the application of Emptiness to
Supremacy. “Only owing to the fact that I do not exist, I am able to exterminate and to
capture. Any form is only a trace of my Empty Violence inside me” — so the Emptiness
which initially is Emptiness to Supremacy says.

Only those that live with a constant deadly threat could feel extremely and painfully
the intolerable decline of Emptiness, its millennial “Buddhist decadence”. There are
only two kinds of war: when Strong men battle with other Strong men for the
Superiority in Death, or when weak men struggle against other weak ones for an
“illusion of survival” and following the subsequent rotting in cowardice. There is a
fundamental question: whether Emptiness is eager to Kill? The answer is like this:
Emptiness aspires to Kill even more than fullness wants the same!

This is the most devastating blow: Emptiness to Supremacy always Kills, but does
not leave either corpses, or even their absence. Nothing to Power always Destroys, but
does not leave either ruins, or even absence of them. What can we love eternally, being
Nothing to Power ourselves? Only Emptiness to Supremacy ...

When the Black Sun of Nothing begins to shine next to the White Sun of Emptiness
— the laughing lion Om will jump into the Great Midday. Der grosse Mittag!