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By: Megan & Nicole Kirk, and Amber Steyn

Seminar Room- a room set up for any seminars
Individual Room- a room set up for quiet and
individual work
Group Room- a room for louder group work

We chose blue because it is a calming and
soothing color. Studies also show that people are
more productive in blue rooms.
We chose green because it is easy on the eye
and its calming and refreshing.
We chose a warm brown because it implies
genuineness in the room

We thought about it but decided not to
We can get rugs
If its comfortable, fuzzy carpet people will bring in
mud and snow on their feet and make it harder to

Dim lights
Bright lights
The lights will be able to get brighter or dimmer in
all the rooms
The students and teachers can agree on the
lights in each room

We counted how many students there were each
class period and made a chart to round out how
much furniture we need for the room

Number of Students

about 68


about 54


about 45

about 73

about 46

Seminar Room
Set up for seminars
Also used as workspace when there arent any
Dusky Sky Blue from Sherwin-Williams $

Furniture for Seminar Room

One rectangular table with 10 chairs
2 circle tables with 8 chairs each $710.00 for the
tables from Banquet Tables
Office chairs so it is more comfortable to sit in
26 office chair total from Walmart $1,425.58

Individual Room
Quiet room
Can be used for quiet group work or individual
Antiquarian Brown from Sherwin-Williams $

Furniture for Individual

Counters with 3 desktop computers and 3 chairs (the chairs will be
the tall chairs we already have for the counters)
Table with 2 desktops and 2 chairs (the table and chairs will be
ones that we already have)
Half circle of 5 round chairs from Walmart $134.40
4 gaming chairs from Walmart $107.52
4 bean bag chairs from Walmart $135.96
One table from Ikea $199.00 with 4 lounge chairs from Walmart
around it $119.52
One couch from Walmart $179.00

Group Room
Loud room
For groups that are going to be talking and be
louder than other rooms
Ryegrass Green from Sherwin-Williams $

Furniture for Group Room

4 square tables (the tables we already have) with 4 chairs
each from Walmart $1,599.52
One space for the desktop computer with 1 chair (a chair that
we already have)
A tall countertop from Walmart $242.97with 6 stools from
Target $512.91
For all of the rooms, we decided to use some of the things
we already had like tables because they serve the same
purpose whether we use them or get new ones

Appliances and Tools

Kenmore Mini Fridge from Sears $99.99

Magic Chef Microwave from Walmart $79.00
4 Power Strips from Amazon $220.96
3 Martha Stewart Cubbies from Home Depot
$134.94(For less valuable item. Valuable items
can be stored in lockers.)
Speaker System
Bandsaw from Home Depot $129.00

Total Cost
The total cost for all of our designing is $
We plan to use the extra money in the future or
for getting more tools in the makerspace

Thank you for watching!!

Any questions??