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New Medical Technology Law in the Philippines

Medical Technology practice in the Philippines is covered under RA 5527. The law was approved in June 21, 1969.
Since then, several revisions came which included RA 6132, Presidential Decrees number 498 and 1534. But due to
the inability of some provisions of the act to respond to the current demands of medical technology education and
practice, a senate bill was initiated by Senator Edgardo Angara to repeal the existing law.
The bill is entitled, " An Act Regulating and Modernizing the Practice of Medical Technology (Medical Laboratory
Science) in the Philippines, Repealing, for this Purpose, Republic Act Nos. 5527 and 6132 and Presidential Decrees
nos. 498 and 1534, and for Other Purposes".
The bill seeks to improve the current status of all medical technologists in the Philippines in order to respond to the
current trends in the medical world. Some of the main components of the bill are the following:
a. creation of the Board of Medical Technology under the PRC which will be composed by all medical technologists
b. creation of a Technical Panel in Medical Technology Education under the CHED
c. introduction of Continuing Medical Technology Education and Certification of Phlebotomists
d. broader definition of professionals considered to be in the practice of Medical Technology
e. establishment of a minimum base pay of registered medical technologists to an amount equivalent to the Salary
Grade 15 under RA 6758.
Upon Approval, the bill will be called as the Medical Technology Act of 2011.