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Romeo & Juliet Reduced Project Group Planning Sheet

Indicate via color-coding your collaborative color & each group member: Kianni
Sammi Maddie Sam
Collab color
Act 1
Antithesis: uptight vs liberal
Black: Capulets
Red: Montagues

Characters &
Objects/ Costume

scene Sampson: black

Gregory: black
Abram: red hat
Benvolio: red shirt
Tybalt: Yellow(for
Capulet: Crown
Lady Capulet: Tiara
Montague: red
Lady Montague:
Prince: Staft
Romeo: Pink hat,

How highlight

How highlight CONTRAST


Highlighting the difference between

the families, social classes.

loose characters
are fighting, tybalt,
abram, gregory,
montague, capulet

peace vs. chaos

uptight character:

Highlighting the two different families

by the different colors. Black for
capulets Red for Montagues. Also
the irony of having angry Tybalt in

scene Capulet: Crown

Paris: Fedora
Benvolio: Red shirt
Romeo: Pink hat
Servant: apron

upper class vs lower class

The rich like Capulet in a crown.
While the servant in a apron.

scene Juliet: Skirt

Nurse: Apron
Lady Capulet: Tiara

maternal love vs caring

This again shows the difference
between classes and the mother role.
The nurse is low on the social pool
yet closer to Juliet. The Lady
Capulet is the opposite. She is high
on the social pool yet not close to

scene Romeo: Pink hat

Benvolio: Red shirt

willing vs force
Romeo is meant to stick out because

Mercutio: Red cap/


scene Romeo: Pink hat

Juliet: Skirt
Capulet: Crown
Lady Capulet: Tiara
(can be Juliet with
just a added tira)

he was the least willing to go to the

party. The most excited was
Mercutio so he is the most decked
out. While Benvolio was excited he
was not as excited he is not as
decked out
adult conduct vs child conduct
Romeo is meant to stick out among
everyone else because hes a
Montague not a Capulet. Among all
the people in nice dresses that were
invited to the party. Then there is
Romeo who sticks out due to his hat
and his last name.


Tasks To Be

Stuff to be Brought In


script editing/writing.

black clothes,tiara & crown (getting from Mr.

Jacoby on Tuesday), music


Antithesis writing

mask, apron, pink hat


vision statement

yellow shirt, black snapback


Script Writing

red hat, skirt, red cap,

Who wants to be who (these are characters with quotes)?

Romeo (6 lines)
Capulet (6 lines)
Nurse (4 lines)
Benvolio: (3 lines)
Lady Capulet (3 lines)
Juliet (3 lines)
Tybalt (2 lines)
Narrator: (2 lines)
Servant (peter) (2 lines)
Mercutio (2 line)

To get to the kids, we must give this Shakespeare play an urban kick. We then
put this lovely Act 1 into the tune of Anaconda by Nicki Minaj. Our antithesis
that we attempted to show is uptight vs. lenient. The Nurse is lenient with
Juliet and lets her be free and be herself, and

Scene 1
Narrator (to the music of Anaconda):
Hey Montagues just dont.
Hey Capulets go home.
Abram and Gregory on opposite sides have a fight.
Theres a bromeo named Romeo a cuz named Benvolio and they hang out with their
funny friend who is called Mercutio.
Juliet the Capulet has to marry Paris, to the Capulet
fortune they would be heir and heiress.
(Gregory, Sampson, and Abram enter)
So Sampson bit his thumb, and Abram didnt like that, no one does,
so he pulled out his sword and sliced him up,
jk Im kidding but it got real rough,
cut to the big
People fought
and why not
Tybalt came and fired the thing up,
the Prince stopped the
ruckus and brought everyone home but they werent done yet,

they had to go calm the tone.

This is Act one the scenes from Romeo and Juliet hope you like now we are going to
go cut to the skit.
Narrator: That was scene 1. It was in a song of whats it called, oh yes, the modern
era. Onto Scene 2.
(Paris and Capulet Enter)
Paris: Can I marry your thirteen year old daughter so our families can have peace?
Capulet: Yes. My child is yet a stranger in the world;
She hath not seen the change of fourteen years. I dont have any connection with
her at all
until Ill probably yell at her for her life choices.
Paris and Capulet (look at the audience): Foreshadowing.
Capulet: This night I hold an old accustomd feast; whereto I have many a guest;
such as I
love, and you among the store; one more, most welcome, makes my number more.
Paris: Old man what did you just say?
Capulet: Im inviting you to the ball. Then you can impress Juliet with.. oh what do
children call it oh yes, the nae nae.
Paris: Cool. ((hwahhhh) nae naes out)
Capulet: Servant with conveniently bad eye sight where are thou?
Peter: Hi sir, the names Peter. You have a task?
Capulet: Yes. Check off all of the names on the list as they come. (leaves)
Peter: You know Im gullible and have bad eyesight right? (looks around, Capulet
has left)
Oh, hes gone.
(Romeo and Benvolio enter)

Peter: Hey you two who are totally just random Capulets that Ive just never seen
before, can
I put my full trust in you to interpret this list? Wait-- I pray sir, can you read?
Romeo: mmhmm.
Peter: Ye say honestly, rest you merry
Romeo: Stay, fellow I can read.
Peter: Okay, read it please?
Romeo: Its just a list of a bunch of irrelevant people.OH WAIT ROSALINE!
(blushes) I gave
her a 10 on Hot or Not.
Benvolio: Yeah but there are lots of pretty girls there. With all the admired beauties in
Go thither, and with unattainted eye; Compare her face with some that I shall show;
and I will
make thee think thy swan a crow.
Narrator: Now onto the girl talk. Cue scene three.
(Lady Capulet and Nurse enter)
Lady Capulet: Nurse, where's my daughter? call her forth to me.(exits)
Nurse (goes to find Juliet): God forbid! Where's this girl? What, Juliet!
Juliet: Tee hee.
Nurse: Juliet!
Juliet: How now! who calls?
Nurse: Your mother. I am your mother.
Juliet: Yeah okay. Mother! Im coming.
(Now in the room)
Juliet: Madam, I am here.
Lady Capulet: Nurse, give leave awhile, We must talk in secret.
Nurse: Yeah like I dont know any of your secrets.

Lady Capulet: Nurse, come back again. I need a translator.(The Nurse motions that
shes never left) So, Juliet. How do you feel about marriage?
Juliet: Um. I guess if it makes you feel better? I guess Im okay with it.
Lady Capulet: Yes! Lovely! You are to marry Paris-Juliet: The city?
Lady Capulet: no Juliet, hes a person.
Juliet: oh...
Narrator: Hey. Who wants to hear about a fairy named Queen Mab who can give
you your hearts desire in a dream. I do! And you can too, with scene 4.
Benvolio: Party time guys! Lets go.
Mercutio: Nay, gentle Romeo, we must have you dance.
Romeo: What is this? A fraternity initiation?
Mercutio: No. Its Shakespeare.
Romeo: You have a good point my brother.
Mercutio: Dance brother. Have no shame.
Other background people: Have no shame, have no shame.
Romeo: You have dancing shoes. With nimble soles: I have a soul of lead. So
stakes me to the ground I cannot move.
Mercutio: Yeah man. We all saw you bomb it in Dancing with the Stars.
Romeo: I just love Rosaline so much (winks).
Mercutio: You are a lover; borrow Cupid's wings, And soar with them above a
common bound.
Romeo: What?
Mercutio: Fairies?
Background characters: Fairies!
Mercutio: O Romeo. I see Queen Mab hath been with you. (music for When the
Saints plays in the background as Mercutio begins to sing)
O when Queen Mab comes flying in
She gives some lusty dreams to kin

And when shes done your lifes screwed over

O when Queen Mab comes flying in
Her chariots a hazelnut
Made by a squirrel or by a grub
She tickles noses with a pig tail
O yes Queen Mab she is a butt
Romeo: What the heck. Shoot man!. How was that supposed to make me feel
better. You just called me a lustful pig.
Mercutio: Youre not?
Romeo: Errg (All exit)
(Narrator enters)
Narrator: Wait. Maybe Queen Mab ruins mens dreams because someone named
her Mab, like really, life choices. Now this is my favorite scene and unfortunately the
last. I mean who doesnt like parties.
Song will play in background What is a youth, impetuous fire. What is a maid, ice
and desire. The world drags on. A rose will bloom. It then will fade. So does a
youth. So does the fairest maid. (and so on)
Juliet (to Romeo): Yo, stop following me.
Romeo: But thou eyes are as beautiful as a sunset in the morning.
Juliet: Saints do not move, though grant for prayers sake
Romeo: Then move not while my prayers effect I take; Thus from my lips, by thine,
my sin is
purgd. (they hold hands and do weird things, then fake kiss).
Romeo: Wow. That was cool. Thy heart feels amazed with joy. Oh my gosh are
those hot
pockets (leaves the scene)
(Transition to Capulet adult hangout)
Tybalt: Sir! This, by his voice, should be a Montague. To strike him dead I hold it not
a sin.
Capulet: Calm down Tybalt. Here, have a hot pocket Tybalt: Sir! Do you not know who I am. I am Tybalt, the guy with anger issues who
encourages separation between families and violence.
Capulet: Romeo is just a love struck boy who wants to get to women by wearing a
cheap party city mask. Dont worry.

Tybalt: Hes trying to sleep with your daughterCapulet: WHAT! This boy shall perish!
Lady Capulet: Capulet. If thou kill the boy Juliet will be traumatized and we cant
marry off a traumatized girl to a random pretty boy named after some city for peace.
Capulet: Fine. He can stay for the night.
(back to Juliet and Nurse)
Juliet: yo, Nurse, um...yeah who was that guy? Yknow, with that stupid mask? Yeah
whats his name?
Nurse: His name is Romeo, and a Montague; the only son of your great enemy.
(Juliets gasps, plays Whatcha Say by Jason Derulo (beginning only)) (juliet makes
over dramatic face
(Everyone starts to transition into the next scene while the narrator keeps talking)
Narrator: With tender Juliet matchd is not fair; Now Romeo is belovd, and loves
again. If you kook nannies didnt know already that was Act 1 scene 5, the end of
sorts. I hope you liked the play and enjoy Act 2 (waves while everyone comes in
All: So Sampson bit his thumb, and Abram didnt like that, no one does,
so he pulled out his sword and sliced him up,
jk Im kidding but it got real rough,
cut to the ending.