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Volume Unit

Volume of a Sphere Activity

For this activity you will be working in groups of four to complete a reading with notes, a
volume problem with a graphic organizer, and a visual representation of a sphere using software.
By completing this assignment you will be demonstrating that you understand what you have
read and heard during this unit, and that you know how to apply it in your own words. You will
have two class days to complete this assignment. I highly encourage you to work on this
assignment as much as possible the first day and during after school hours. By doing so, you
will be able to come into class the second day with an almost complete assignment, allowing you
to only add the finishing touches.
-Reading Portion
Read the lesson on volume from your geometry textbook (make sure you pay attention to
the example that demonstrates how you find the volume of a sphere).
Take detailed notes as you read the textbook. Make sure to include some examples!
-Assigned Problem
Each group will be assigned a specific problem. This problem will require you to find the
volume of a sphere. On the very first page of your finished assignment, please write out
the problem you were given.
o Round your answer to the nearest thousandth, and use =3.14.
For this portion of the assignment you must include a graphic organizer, in which you
will write out the details of what steps you took to solve the problem. You can either use
a flowchart or a timeline.
o I highly recommend you use SmartArt from Microsoft Word to create your
graphic organizer. If you decide you want to use another type of software, choose
one that you are familiar with.
o Make sure you include every step you took to solve your assigned problem (it will
probably be easier if you work out the problem first, and then write out each step
you took).
You will only be required to turn in one version of your final draft, however you should
each have your own version of the solution.
-Visual Representation
Lastly, you will use Geogebra 5 to make a visual representation of your assigned sphere.
Make sure your sphere is centered at the origin.
When you are finished with the visual representation, take a screenshot of your Geogebra
window with the image of your sphere. Make sure you print it out so that you can turn it
in with the rest of the assignment.
You will not need to turn in your written notes, use them to study for the unit exam. What you
do need to turn in is a copy of the work you did to solve the problem, the graphic organizer you
chose, and the image of your sphere.