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Discourse Community Ethnography

Ruben Acosta
University of Texas at El Paso

The main purpose of this article is to inform the reader the diction of the civil
engineer. The discourse community is they way that they address to they specific job.
Since I would like to work in that field it would be nice to start learning a couple of there
terminology. Although I was able to have an Internship with an actual civil engineer
working for the school district of El Paso Independent School district. By interviewing
Mr. Jose Hernandez, a civil Engineer that works for the school district that should get a
raise and a mentor and teacher curtesy from the Center of Carrier and Technology (CCTE
or Tech) as a couple of El Paso Independent School district know. The professor is
working along Mrs. Cecilia Orozco (an architect teacher in CCTE). Special thanks to
these two teacher they help me to decide what want to do with my life and they push me
to be a better student.

Literature Review
With these couple reading that we had shown how Discourse Community affects us
especially with our desired carriers. But what is Discourse Community, according with Keith
Grant-Davie in his article Rhetorical Situation and Their Constitutes in which he goes over that
a Rhetorical situation is just another extent of a Threshold concept. Since one is trying to change
the readers or crowed point of view. Grant-David disciples the writhing process for discourse
community by involves identifying the subject matter or topic at the most obvious level, but

also determining issues that underline it and the states that should be addressed as well by
finding out fact, definition, cause, and value, by finding these will simplify the speech or
writhing to take your point across. But it doesnt end there, another important writher is John
Swales and in his article The Concept of Discourse Community, thought the passage Swales
talks about lexis, genre, rhetorical, convention, and speech community. But the most important or
main idea of the whole passage is the six characteristics of discourse. A broadly agreed set of
common public goals, has mechanisms of intercommunication among its members, uses its
participatory mechanisms primarily to provide information and feedback, utilizes and hence
possesses one or more genres in the communicative furtherance of its aims, in addition to owning
genreshas acquired some specific lexis, has a threshold level of members with a suitable
degree of relevant content and discourse expertise. With this six rule I will determent whether the
profession carrier I have chosen is or is not a discourse community.

Civil Engineering
In my junior year in high school I was offered an internship in the school district I had
attended. I was lucky to be allowed to participate in this program for two years the first it was for
a competition and the second year was a paid internship and we got to work in an office
environment. The civil engineer that I was lucky to meet and work under his wing for two year is
Mr. Jose Hernandez, civil engineer and for the following article I will be addressing as professor
since he was my teacher, mentor, and a good friend, including boss. Last week I went to
interview my old professor and I was amazed on the answers he gave me. How do you feel
towards your coworkers? I prefer to think about them as an extent of my family (Mr.
Hernandez). What about those that are ether your bosses or are just begging in your office?

They are like a brother or sister but of Corse my bosses are my older sibling while the new
member is the younger or new born as one might say. After a little joking around with my old
boss I ask. How do you feel about the new interns? It is a challenge since it varies from
generation to generation since I must change how to teach them and to make sure they
understand but overall they are good kids and feel that they have become as my own children but
with the benefit that I can send them back to class if they miss behave but there is no one that
will bring the doughnuts. After a couple of flash backs we began talking about how everything
has to be flowing smoothly in order to move on projects for the discotic and to prepare so they
are able to send information to the parents of the students.

Much later Mr. Hernandez explain to me that working with the school district that
is not only coping the lots and make a map but as well to be able to be efficient transferring raw
data by using tools as data provided by the government form senses, our trusty computer with
Bing map, a couple of programs such as Microsoft Office, Arc Map and Arc Catalog witch are
provided to us by ESRI (which is the name of the company) witch supply us to map out the
district with is called Geographic Information System or GIS for short. Not only we need to use
those tool but we need to have knowledge of basic office including how to fix and repair our
workstation. And that is not including on public speaking and presenting but as well to promote
the most efficient project that will benefit the district and the citizens corresponding to their
designated school. Unfortunately that was the only interview that I was able to get since he and
his division had a whole bunch of meeting since they help out to distribute the star test and
administrate them as well and that was the only time they had for my interview.

When the professor was getting ready for the meeting he started to get his coworker and
sending them to the conference room. You could see the respect that they have for one another
how they left in groups and walk to the room how they address there fellow coworkers from
other departments. They are the people that will offer a hand when they see that they are people
in need of help. In what little time I was allowed to stay I saw how professional they were it
seemed if they were corporate men from an evil giant corporation pulled out of one of those
movies (such as resident evil).

Swales test
By looking in to the information that I was able to collect thanks to my professor and
using Paul La Prades power point I will be going over Swales six Characteristics of Discourse
community. A discourse community has a broadly agreed set of common public goals? My
professor is looking for the most convenient way and ecofriendly for any projects that the district
might have in stock not only that they serve the government and they are they for the public.
Since they work for the public they actually are a discourse community according to the first
characteristic. A discourse community has mechanisms of intercommunication among its

members? According with the reading a mechanisms is and are tools that are use in order to
accomplish their goal. In this carrier we use the program GIS in order to insert data in to a map
and to be able to send notification of the school or the district of EPISD itself. So by that we are
able to knock out two bird with one stone. Especially since the second and third rule go hand in
hand, a discourse community uses its participatory mechanisms primarily to provide

information and feedback. Then we have, a discourse community utilizes and hence
possesses one or more genres in the communicative furtherance of its aims . Well in this

case the professor is not able to publish since it contains critical information about the resident of
the houses and of the students. But one is able to make sure that we are not miss using their
information and that it is treated with complete partly it passes the rule. Then we
have, in addition to owning genres, a discourse community has acquired some specific

lexis? And one that has no idea of what is going and dont know the proper terminology will be
lost unless it is explained in simple words that even a little kid might understand. A discourse
community has a threshold level of members with a suitable degree of relevant content and
discourse expertise? So with the given in formation we are able to assume that it follows the last
So by analyzing all of the previse work and the interview with my professor I am able to
say that the civil engineer is and actual discourse community since it follow all of the six rule of
Swale with the exception of the publicizing personal information. Besides that it makes sense
that it is a discourse community. Including the threshold that Grant-Davie talk about in his
article. In the end my opinion this carrier is that I seek is a Discourse community.

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