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We have so many problems in our world today. Economic, Social, Political, everyone is
somehow directly affected by one of such problems. For example, many of us have a family
member with a terminal illness, or disease that currently does not have a cure. Many of us will
face difficulties funding our higher education because of the inefficiency of the current system.
We all see on the news reports of high degrees of unemployment and poverty in neighboring
towns. However, all of these problems can potentially be solvedi. Problem solvers, also known as
Entrepreneurs, see problems as challenges that they then can take and turn into opportunities.
They stand up to them and proclaim "We can't take this anymore! There must be something we
can do to stop this. a tad bit like your everyday superhero. Every kid wants to be a superhero,
however not very many of them say they want to be your next Entrepreneurs. Within the next ten
years, that will change right here in America because Social Entrepreneurs are here to save the
day and prove to everyone that they are someone to look up to and aspire to be.
It's the American dream to own your own business and make something of yourself.
Well, let's say you could do that and advance a cause. Social Entrepreneurs live the American
dream everyday but with that humanitarian twist. They, by definition "drive social innovation
and transformation in various fields including education, health, environment and enterprise
development. They pursue poverty alleviation goals with entrepreneurial zeal, business methods
and the courage to innovate and overcome traditional practices."ii. Social Entrepreneurs don't just
stop running their business when the money stops flowing in, they push through and continue to
work hard until the problem at hand is solved. Which is something most Business Entrepreneurs
tend to disregard and deem unnecessary. Social Entrepreneurs don't do what they do for the
money, they do it for the people they are trying to help. A lot of people seem to forget that we
have problems here in the USiii. We too have poverty and starvation and Social Entrepreneurs try


to rally together and find ways to solve those problems. Sometimes, if a Social Entrepreneur
finds a problem somewhere else in the world they will set up base here and, therefore, create jobs
here, in order to be able to solve said international problem. Social Entrepreneurs have the
compassion, and confidenceiv to run a business even if it's not necessarily making them very
much money. However, they do have to sometimes try harder to innovate and find ways to make
enough money to keep the business running and still be able to advance their cause. It's easy to
detach yourself and focus on only the logistics of the business but it's another thing to deal with
the problem at hand directly and at the same time be mindful of the economics. There are many
extremely successful social entrepreneurs like Blake Mycoskie who is the founder of Toms
shoes, which so happens to be a very popular businessv. He is an amazing entrepreneur, and a bit
of a humanitarian as well. He has created hundreds of jobs here in the US and has been able to
still continue to reach his goal to give every child in need a pair of shoesvi. Social
entrepreneurs do what they do in order to generate a positive impact on the society. Social
entrepreneurship, being a relatively new phenomenon which through integration of innovative
facilities such as crowd-sourcingvii, crowd-fundingviii, and social networking is becoming more
resource efficient and scalable business model.
Business Entrepreneurs have a tendency of being very profit centricix. They too want to
solve a problem but they want to make as much money as possible by doing so. Of course it's not
all bad, they do help stimulate jobs and they tend to beneficially influence the economy but they
do so by being as money obsessed as possible. Sometimes Business Entrepreneurs mix a little bit
of their good friend the social entrepreneurs strategies into their business by helping a cause.
However, it's still always about the money for the business entrepreneur. If the problem they are
trying to solve does not get solved before they began to lose money, no matter how important the


problem is, they will just close up and move on. Business Entrepreneurs do really care about the
business side of things, heck its part of their name, so honestly we can't blame them for wanting
to make a profit. They are in the long run still beneficial and helpful so I could see them too
being influential in the future, just not as influential as Social Entrepreneurs.
All Entrepreneurs want to solve a problem, the thing that makes them different is why
they want to solve the problem. Is it because they want to generate a profit and build a big
business with job opportunities or is it because the want to help those in need and fight for a
cause. Either way they both are helpful in their own ways to the greater population. However, in
America in the next ten years, Social Entrepreneurs will be more influential to those around
them. Sure, the average person may know more business entrepreneurs by namex but just
because there aren't very many social entrepreneurs that have become household names, doesn't
mean they aren't around and/or doing what they can to make a difference in the world. It's our
job to educate ourselves more about the other side of entrepreneurshipxi and learn that its not
always about the big money making CEOs. Sometimes the most influential people are those you
barley even notice. It takes true humility and passion xiito be able to go and help people without
expecting anything in return, which is exactly what happens sometimes with Social
Entrepreneurs. The impact of social entrepreneurship on the society is increasing. I believe that
with the social entrepreneurs ability to solve global problems such as food security, renewable
energy, etc. xiiithe scale of their impact can be global as well as domestic. Which leads me to
believe that social entrepreneurship will be more impact full in the future.

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