Topic :Influence Of Political parties on Trade Unions.

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Trade union:
Association either of employees or employers or of independent workers.

Relatively permanent formation of workers. Formed on a continuous basis. Formed for securing certain Economic and Social benefits to members . It emphasis joint ,coordination action and collective bargaining.

Brief History of Trade Unions:
 Concept of Trade Union evolved after the World War 1.  Establishment of International Labour Organization – trend setter.  Establishment of first Indian Trade Union(AITUC).  Split in AITUC and formation of AITUF.  Gradual formation of other Trade Union-INTUC,HMS etc.

Objectives of trade unions:
Wages and Salaries Working Conditions Discipline Personal Policies Welfare Employee -Employer Relations Negotiating Machinery Safeguarding Organizational Health and interest of the Industry

Functions of Trade Unions:

Problems of Trade Unions:
Union Leadership: Multiple Unions: Union Rivalry: Finance: Other Problems: a)Illiteracy: b)Un-even Growth: c)Low membership: d)Heterogeneous Nature of Labour:

Present Position in India:
Over 7000 Trade Unions and 70 registered federations and confederations. High degree of unionization in various sectors.

Main players in trade union movement:
AITUC( All India Trade Union Congress) AITUF( All India Trade Union Federation) INTUC( Indian National Trade Union Congress) HMS( Hind Majdoor Sabha) BMS(Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh) CITU(Centre of Indian Trade Union) HMP(Hind Majdoor Panchayat) Rise of Independent Trade Union UFBE(Union Forum of Bank Employees) NCCOEE(National Coordination Committee of Electricity Engineers and Employees)

Impact of Political parties :

Emerging Trend of Trade Union due to LPG (Liberalization, Privatization & Globaliza Emergence of Knowledge Workers. Rise of Independent Industry Union. Redefined role of Judiciary. Repression of the working class by the state..

Case Reference: Dunlop India Ltd: Changing hands of Dunlop for Business. Inefficient Management. Injection of Trade union Leaders from Out side. Influence of Political parties on Trade Unions.


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