Draw the block diagram of a biomedical instrumentation system and explain each block in detail. 2. Draw and explain the normal wave pattern of an ECG waveform recorded in the standard lead position. 3. Explain all performance characteristics of transducers. 4. Draw and explain the instrumentation amplifier for biomedical measurements. Explain its limitations, cures and advantages. 5. Draw and explain the block diagram for measurement and recording of Basal skin resistance (BSR) and Galvanic Skin resistance (GSR). 6. Draw and explain basic water sealed Spirometer. 7. Draw and explain the leakage current measuring circuit. 8. Explain the block diagram of an X-ray machine in detail. 9. Explain speed of ultrasound in various biological materials with necessary figure. 10. Explain block diagram of a multi-programmable pulse generator. 11. Explain Characteristics of LASERs applied in medicine. 12. Explain principle of high frequency heat therapy units with necessary figures. 13. Explain principle of dialysis in the artificial kidney.

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