Cell Group Notes

Cell group notes

w/c 7th February 2010 Welcome
Which are your all-time favourite pair of shoes – and why?

You will need a collection of items that are “treasures”. These may be valuable in themselves, or because of what they are used for, or for the memories attached to them. Ask each member to take hold of one of these items and consider its value and qualities even though it is not a personal treasure to them. Share your thoughts together. Remind everyone that they are valuable to God, even though they may not easily see why or how they are. Using items that someone else considers valuable helps us to see that God sees us independently of how we see ourselves, God knows why He treasures us in the same way as we know why we keep the items we treasure. Read out 2 Cor 4:7, and then pray giving thanks to God for the way he sees us, and the treasure he has placed in us. ‘Name above all names” would be a good worship song to use if you want one.

We’re thinking again about our vision for God to be ‘Turning the Tide’ through us – and this week focussing on individual lives. Pray for the Lord to speak as you discuss together, and then find Luke 15:11-32. 1. Why do you think the younger brother wanted his share of the money? 2. If the story of the younger brother going away from his Father is a picture of individuals walking away from God, what does the ‘far country’ represent in our culture, and for the people we know who aren’t Christians? 3. How much do you associate your own experience as having a time when you ‘came to your senses’? 4. What does the welcome of the Father for the son say to you personally about God’s character? 5. What are the dangers for us highlighted by the elder brother? 6. What can we do to help people around us see the truth about the life they live without God? 7. What can we do reveal the extent of God’s love to the people we know this week? 8. What do we need to ask God to do?

You may naturally move into this anyway from the discussions about – but break into threes and pray for the people on your contact list that they might see the truth of their situation, and come to point of turning back to God. Pray for one another to receive more of God’s heart for the lost. Chris

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