ASSESSMENT S: Nananakit ang pinaghiwaan sa akin O: >pain scale: 8 >Facial grimace > Protective behavior > Restless > sighing

DIAGNOSIS Pain related to Surgical Incision

SCIENTIFIC EXPLANATION Complex responses of tissue and nerve endings due to trauma from surgery (incision) and cause hypersensitivity to the central nervous system that causes unpleasant physical and emotional reactions and responses.

PLANNING After 4 hours of nursing intervention, the client s reported pain will subside.

INTERVENTION  Monitor vital signs.

RATIONALE  To have a baseline data.

Expected Outcome After 4 hours of nursing intervention, the client s pain will be relieved. 

Instruct the client to avoid strenuous exercise and activities. 

To prevent bleeding of the surgical incision made from the operation .  To promote blood circulatio n and faster healing of the incision.  To aid in strengthe ning of having a good Immune 

Instruct the client to have a short walk everyday as a form of exercise. 

Advise the client to eat plenty of nutritious foods and vegetables

and drink plenty of water.

system against infection. 

Instruct to clean and change of wound dressing at least once a day.  Give medication ordered by the physician.

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