Katame Waza (Groundfighting) Charts

Belt No. W Y Katame Waza #1 Position Attack Punch threat Closing Choke Punch Leaning choke Punch Choke Defense

1. On mat (standing -- attacker) 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Guard ----7. 8. 9. Mounted ----Side headlock

Stand up Far guard Leg extension Close space Arm thrust--hiji Hammerlock Leg over--juji gatame

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----- Mount --

Leaning choke Leg roll (to mount) Half standing Sweep (to mount) Cross lapel choke Guillotine choke Punch Bridge Choke Bridge (to guard) Bridge--escape (to Arms pinned back) Elbow escape (to guard) Frame--roll (to side mount) Leg hook--climb (to side mount) Leg over escape (to choke or armbar) (Leaning Bridge to side mount forward) Turn to knees--roll (Arm trapped) back (to side mount) Attempted Spread base bridge Attempted Tight base with leg elbow escape hooks Paintbrush armbar

Straight push/choke Attempted -Rear mount turtle ---

Spin to juji gatame Leg hooks Rear choke

Belt No. 1. W 2. 3. 4. -Y ---

Katame Waza #2 Position Attack On mat Striking, (standing circling attacker) Chokes and Guard punches Chokes and punches Mounted Arms pinned Side headlock Head squeeze Attempted Mount escape Attempted Rear mount escape

Defense Rotate, stand up Defense, submission Defense, escape Escape Escape--armbar Maintain position, submission Maintain position, submission

Katame Waza Pins No. Technique 1. Muni gatame (cross body/knee-elbow) 2. Kesa gatame (headlock) 3. Kazuri kesa (modified kesa) 4. Kata gatame (face-arm pin) 5. Reverse kata gatame 6. Yoko shiho (side pin) 7. Kami shiho (rear smother) 8. Nelsons: near/far/reverse 9. Nelson counters
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