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An interview was conducted at the Australian College of Business and Technology on the 09 th of
may 2015 by Miss. I. Egodapitiya a senior university lecture having experience internationally.
This interview was conducted on the job which I had selected to apply for. I selected to apply for
the position of Trainee Marketing Executive at Home Land Skyline private Limited. I decided to
apply for this position because I have the requirements the company is searching for which are,
G.C.E advanced level, a Diploma in the marketing field and excellent communication skills
along with team working skills.
In this particular institute where the interview was held there were two rooms where in one room
all the candidates for the interview were present and the other room was where the interview was
held. As we were called in for the interview one by one I had to stay in the room with other
candidates till I was called in. When I was waiting in this room I met other candidates some were
stressed and some were nervous, at the beginning I was not but by after talking to people in the
room I was also slightly nervous but I overcame this situation successfully by controlling my
As one after the other was called in for the interview, it was my chance to enter the interview
room and I walked in while I was having a nervous feeling as it was the first time that I am
attending for an interview. As I walked in Miss. Egodapitiya stood up welcomed me into the
room and introduced herself by shaking hands and asked me to take a seat, this kind welcome
overcame my nervous feeling and I was normal.
Miss. Egodapitiya started the interview by asking me to spell my name, and then asked me to tell
a few words about myself. There after she asked me why I selected this job, the communication
skills I have and the previous experiences in communicating. I answered these questions saying
that as I am following a degree program in Marketing and International Business it is important
for me to have job experience in the particular field. Thereafter my communication skills were
explained by giving an example of my previous experiences of working in many clubs and
societies while I was attending school, these communication skills was explained using the
STAR approach which is Situation, Task, Action and result. There after the next important
question she asked was how I would work with certain rules and regulations of the firm I am
hoping to work for. As a scout I am always ready to obey rules and regulations as it is of vital
importance and also my experiences in school were explained.
I used the STAR approach in many questions that I answered as this approach gives a well
organized answer by making all points clear to Miss. Egodapitiya and also easy to explain.
After the interview was finished I was given an evaluation form which had information on how
my performance in the interview was. This evaluation had been carried out in 5 major skills
looked into were,


Content and communication

Motivation for interview success
Attire and personality

These were ranked in for stages which were Very Strong Evidence, Strong Evidence, Some
Evidence and No Evidence. I was been ranked 4 in all the skills evaluated which shows that I
have Strong Evidence in my explanation.
Some comments on my interview was also written by Miss. Egodapitiya which said that I was
using casual words when explaining and giving examples which should be avoided to score
well. The positive comments were that my examples were good that I treated males and females
equally by saying she or he when explaining.
This was a new and important experience which gave me the insight of what an interview is and
how we should face an interview by getting to know what we should say and what we should
not say. I would like to state that this interview is of vital importance as I learnt the importance
of an interview.