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Final Jeopardy

1 - $100

What requirement does the service project


Requirement #5

1 - $200

What does your project provide to the



1 - $300

What part of the Scout Oath will the

service project fulfill?

To help other people at all times.

1 - $400

What are some important lesson that you

may learn during the course of completing
your project?

Important lessons in project management

and taking responsibility for a significant

1 - $500

What is the primary purpose of the Eagle

Scout Service Project?

To learn leadership skills, or to improve or

demonstrate leadership skills you already

2 - $100

True or False..Your parents are the only

outside help that may be allowed to
complete a portion of your project in your

False. You are responsible for your project.

While others may assist or give guidance,
no one other than yourself is allowed to
complete any portion of the project.

2 - $200

True or False.A Scout may have an adult

of his choosing present when discussing
any portion of the project with the troop

True. He will be allowed, if he chooses, to

have a parent, unit leader, or other adult
present as an observer at any time he is
discussing his proposal or project with
someone who is reviewing it

2 - $300

True or False.The troop may require you

conduct tasks in addition to normal service
project requirements in order to make the
project better.

False. Project expectations will match Eagle

Scout requirement 5, and we will not require
proposals to include more than described in
the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook.

2 - $400

If your proposal is rejected, you may

request a written explanation with the
reason why and recommendations?
True. If requested by the Scout or his parent or
guardian, an explanation of a proposal rejection will be
provided in writing, with a copy sent to the council
advancement chair and staff advisor. It will indicate
reasons for rejection and suggestions concerning what
can be done to achieve approval.

2 - $500

If the troop disapproves your project

proposal, you must start over from the
False. If the candidate believes he has been mistreated or his
proposal wrongfully rejected, he will be provided a method of
redress. This will include the opportunity for a second opinion
and approval, either through another volunteer or professional
advancement administrator*, or the Scout executive, as
determined by the council advancement committee or
executive board.

3 - $100

Planning the


3 - $200

When can you begin work, including

planning, for your service project?

Immediately following the Life Scout board

of review.

3 - $300

When can you begin talking with scouts

and other adult leaders about project

As a Star Scout.

3 - $400

How long after becoming a Life Scout do

you have to complete your service

There is no time limit, but it must be

completed before your 18th birthday.

3 - $500

Under what conditions can the completion

of the service project be extended beyond
your 18th birthday?

For scouts with disabilities with approval

from the Council.

4 - $100

Which is often more difficult than actually

conducting the project itself?

Planning the Project

4 - $200

What was the example used in the guide

to advancement to describe a project that
is often misjudged as not being a good

A blood drive.

4 - $300

The project workbook is formatted so that

you are required to illustrate each step of
the planning process. Why is this?

To clearly demonstrate the level of planning,

development, and leadership that you

4 - $400

Planning the service project requires what?

Forethought, Effort, and Time.

4 - $500

What is considered a good test to evaluate

a project?

Its complexity.

5 - $100

Using the service project workbook helps

scout to avoid what?


5 - $200

Use of the workbook nearly always means



5 - $300

What is the currently approved service

project workbook number?

No. 512-927

5 - $400

If the workbook is not filled out

completely, will the project be rejected?

NO. The workbook should not become a

basis for rejecting candidates based on
technicalities that have nothing to do
with the intent of the requirement.

5 - $500

What is the most important thing to

consider when using the worbook to
evaluate a project.

That the objective was metprovide

leadership to others.

Final Jeopardy

What are the major components of the

Service Project Workbook?

It shows approvals have been secured, lists

important limitations, suggests questions for those
approving the project, and includes outlines for the
proposal and the more detailed final plan that
should come next.