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From: “Glee” River by JONIMITCHELL Published Under License From Alfred Publishing Co., Ine. 1 1971 (Renewed) CRAZY CROW MUSIC AIRights Adtinisezed by Sony/ATV Music Publishing, § Masi Square West, Nasi, TN All Rights Reserved Authorized for use by marsha hazell NOTICE: Purchasers of this musical file are entitled to use it for thee personal enjoyment and musical fulfilment, However, ny duplication, adaptation. aanging andior transmission ofthis copyrighted musie requires the written Copy insole Cater stood. Ae Rae Me ER EAS et an or nal poss, RIVER Words and Music by Moderately stow 6 = 102 JONI MITCHELL Ey cm? AMO) BAT EVEL By? Verse: Sine FmEy FE} (23) comin’ on Christmas, they're cuttin’ down trees, They're puttin’ up reindeer. and singin" 2, See additionallrries Fes cm To Coda songs ofjoy and peace. OWT wish Thada riv = T could. skate. a+ 1971 (Renenes) CRAZY CROW MUSIC AL Rahs Adriteres by Sonat acl lng, Ghee Sere West, Naha, TN 27208, ‘AT Rights Reserved Authorized for use by marsha hazel But it don't snow FE} EE FmEs EL EWE} ES slays prety green. T'mgon-na make a lot ofmon-y, then P'mgon-na quit thisera_ = 2y- scene 1 wish Thad aiv- 1 could skate. a I wish 1 hada tiv-er so. I would Authorized foruse by marsha hazel! 5 Fm teach my__ feet - NS Oh, I wishT hada tiv =~ 1 cOUG_ skate a-way Abmaj7 Fm Ee cm Authorized foruse by marsha hazel! B By Asmaj7 So - oh, 1 wish Thadativ er 1. eOald skate a-way on Fim Ey cy 1 made my_ ba cm BE » iE DS.% al Coda Authorized foruse by marsha hazel! Ab Fm? Verse 2 He tied hard to help me ‘You know he put me at ease And be loved ine o naughty Made me weak in the knees Oh, Lvish Thad a river Teould skate away on Tmso hard 1o handle Emselish and I'm sad ‘Now that I've gone and lost the best baby That Lever had Oh, Psish had ariver Teould skate away on wish Thad a river so long would teach my feet to fly Oh, Tish Thad ariver Teould skate away’ on Tmade my baby say good- Authorized foruse by marsha hazel!