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Mantak Chia -Taoist Secrets Of Love - Cultivating the Male Sexual Energy

Mantak Chia -Taoist Secrets Of Love - Cultivating the Male Sexual Energy


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Mantak Chia -Taoist Secrets Of Love - Cultivating the Male Sexual Energy
Mantak Chia -Taoist Secrets Of Love - Cultivating the Male Sexual Energy

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Published by: tilopa on Apr 26, 2008
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After practicing scrotal compression for 2 to 6 weeks, some stu-
dents with high blood pressure notice a large flow of chi energy to
the head. They feel tension in the head because the blood has
followed the upward flow of the vital power. This is not unlike a
mild symptom of the "Kundalini Syndrome", in which freed en-
ergy races about the body out of control.
If you suffer from high blood pressure and haven't practiced
meditation to open the microcosmic orbit (described in chapter 8)
which distributes the energy evenly through the circuits of the
body, you can meditate on two points to vent excess pressure.
These are the Ming-Men, on the spine directly opposite the navel
(between T-12 and T-13) and the Yuang Ch'uan (K-l point), on the
balls of your feet.

To locate the Ming-Men place a string around the waist like a
belt. Make it perfectly horizontal and place it across the navel. The
Ming-Men lies where the string meets the spine. If you have a big
hanging belly, measure from where your navel was before it fell.
When you bend over backwards from the waist, the point feels like
a hole in the spine.

The other point, the Yuang Ch'uan, lies on the foot. When
clenching the toes, it is the deepest central point on the ball of the

The Dance Of The Testes


Once you've found the point on both feet, tape onto them
spiny little balls such as a prickly chestnut or plain tree seed pod.
Place both hands at the back and press firmly on the spiny ball
while concentrating on the M4ng-Men point. This draws the chi and
blood there.

After you feel the power flow to the Ming-Men, direct it down
the spine and legs to the Yuang Ch'uan. Press down on the ball so
that you feel the spines very distinctly. In severe cases it may take
a month or two to get the power into the Ming-Men and bring it
down to the Yuang-Ch'uan.
If blood flows too strongly to the head during or after scrotal
compression, vent the power. Imbalanced force will flow out of the
body through these two points. After practicing the scrotal exer-
cises, many students open the microcosmic orbit so that their en-
ergy flows in a continuous circuit. This alone has often cured high
blood pressure.





Yuang Chuan K-1


When you are well trained in this exercise you can use a variant of
it during sexual intercourse, known as the Big Draw. The power
locking method is done without a partner as a daily practice exer-
cise. The method is the best for building power in the perineum to
seal the seminal fluid. The sexual energy that we deal with here is
different from the testicle breathing and scrotal compression and
it's important to learn the subtle difference.


Taoist Secrets Of Love

In the testicle breathing you move the cold sexual energy, the
ching chi that lies in the scrotum in its yin state after production by
the testicles, up to the head and then down into the body. With the
scrotal compression exercise you force the chi energy that is pro-
duced in the organs—heart, lungs, spleen, etc.—down to mix with
the cold ching chi resting in the sexual organs. Then you move the
resulting warm energy upwards and circulate it.
In the Power Lock Exercise we arouse the sexual organ, turn-
ing the cold energy that lies in the seminal vascular duct into hot
sexual energy. This heat is generated by the movement of millions
of sperm cells. This yang energy is more explosive, harder to con-
trol, and always seeking the most direct path out to a cooler (yin)
environment. In most men the path of least resistance is out the
penis. In a Taoist master the easiest channel is up into the higher
centers of the body. But it takes a lot of practice to control the anus
muscle and the involuntary muscle around the seminal vascular
duct to reverse the flow towards the penis and to help push up the
sexual energy into the spine and upper body.

There are 4 levels of Power Lock practice:

1. Beginner: use muscles of the fist, jaw, neck, feet, perineum,
buttocks, and abdomen to divert sexual tension and block the urge
to ejaculate, and push upward the hot ching chi which created the
aroused state.

2. Intermediate stage: less muscle use of the fist, jaw, feet, and
increased reliance on the pelvic diaphragm, and sphincter, sacral,
and cranial pump to help move up the sexual energy.

3. Advanced stage: less muscle in the perineum and more use of
sacral and cranial pumps. Greater power of mind to move the ching
to the crown center. By concentrating power at the upper part of
the crown you draw the energy from the lower center to the higher

4. Most advanced stage: pure mind control only, no need to use the
muscle, just use the mind power to command the penis, and com-
mand the ching energy to move up and down, to be erect or flaccid,
as you will.

The Dance Of The Testes




Press tongue
to roof of mouth

are tight

Pull in
tight on
the Penis

Eyes up
or to the

are squeezed

Toes are
clamped down

Ching Chi is stopped from escaping out the penis
& its energy is pulled up to the crown
until the penis erection subsides


Taoist Secrets Of Love

In this exercise, you need to arouse the penis about 90% of the
way to orgasmic ejaculation. Do not go beyond the point of no
return, or you will have no sperm chi to practice with for awhile.
As you master the Power Lock you may fine tune how close you
come to ejaculation and stop at 98% or 99%. Rub the glans of the
penis until it is erect. When you have a feeling that orgasm is
imminent, stop and do the Power Locking method 3 to 9 times or
until the erection subsides. This counts as one exercise. Repeat
this procedure—stimulate penis to erection and then do the locking
until it subsides—as many as 3-9-18-36 times at a sitting.
Practice makes perfect. Once you gain control of your sexual
organs totally in this practice, you will naturally have full control in
sexual intercourse. I recommend practicing up to 10,000 times in
order to gain advanced control, although some will naturally mas-
ter it much more quickly if they have trained their mind through
yoga, meditation, or other disciplines. If you are not involved in a
program of daily physical discipline, I suggest you at least do some
warmup exercises and stretching before practicing the Power
Lock. This will tone up the energy in your organs and make it
easier to feel your internal chi energies and thus hasten your com-
mand of your sexual energy.

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