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“ Metrolina AIDS Project Applicant: __! Case Management Position Interview Questions Date: Knowledge of HIV/AIDS: 1. Your new client has asked you to explain to them what HIV is. How would you respond? 2. Your client comes to you stating that they do not understand what a CD4 count and viral load is? How would you explain? 3. What do you see as the major challenge(s) facing individuals living with HIV? Case Management Skills: 4. You are doing an intake on a client newly diagnosed with HIV. He/she was recently incarcerated on drug charges, released about 2 weeks ago and living with family members because of no employment. What resources would you attempt to access for the client? 2. Your new client recently moved to Charlotte from out of state. They only have a few weeks of _ medication left. They do not have insurance and ADAP is currently closed. What would you recommend? 3. You have a client who is not compliant with medications or care plan. You suspect there is drug use. They consistently need assistance with food and finances. You have worked with them for 3 years, but there has not been any change in their behavior. What strategy(ies) would you use with this client? 4, Please share with us an experience with a client that did not go well. Looking back, what would you have done differently? What did you learn? 5. Please share with us an experience with a client where you used creativity and ingenuity for a successful outcome. * Work style/Communication: ite ( ‘This job demands a great deal of documentation to comply with Medicaid and grant requirements, What system have you developed for yourself to manage the volume of paperwork? How successful are you at implementing your system? How do you organize your time for best productivity? How would your colleagues describe you as a co-worker? ‘One of your co-workers has asked you to cover their call time for them. You have covered for them several times in the past, but your co-worker has not reciprocated. You are beginning to feel taken advantage of. What would you do? What would you describe as your strengths? As your weaknesses? What motivates you to do your best? Describe your ideal supervisor. Technical support 4 We have become reliant on technology for documentation and communication. What software programs have you worked with? How proficient are you with keyboarding? Interviewer: July 2005 Metrolina AIDS Project Interview Feedback Client Services Applicant Name: Position: Date: Rating Scale: 5 4 3 2 1 Excellent VeryGood Average Below Average Poor Professionalism: HIV Knowledge: Experience: Communication Skills: Time Management Skills: Technical Skills: Supervisory Skills: Comments: Interviewer: sluly 2005