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list of Ray Bradbury's works
list of Ray Bradbury's works

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Published by: Liz Pitfield on Feb 08, 2010
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(1950) The Martian Chronicles - Fix-up novel consisting of mostly previously
published, loosely connected stories.

(1953) (1957) (1962) (1972) (1985) (1990) (1992)

Fahrenheit 451 Dandelion Wine - Fix-up novel of previously published, loosely connected stories. Something Wicked This Way Comes The Halloween Tree Death Is a Lonely Business A Graveyard for Lunatics Green Shadows, White Whale - Fictionalized autobiographical reminiscences,

portions of which had been previously published as individual stories.

(2001) From the Dust Returned - Fix-up novel of previously published, loosely
connected stories.

(2002) Let's All Kill Constance (2006) Farewell Summer


In addition to these collections, many of Bradbury's short stories have been published in multi-author anthologies. Almost fifty additional Bradbury stories have never been collected anywhere after their initial publication in periodicals.[1][2] (1947) (1951) (1953) (1955) (1959) (1959) (1962) (1962) (1964) (1965) (1965) (1966) (1966) (1966) (1969) (1975) (1976) (1979) (1980) (1980) (1980) (1981) (1983) Dark Carnival The Illustrated Man The Golden Apples of the Sun The October Country A Medicine for Melancholy The Day It Rained Forever The Small Assassin R is for Rocket The Machineries of Joy The Autumn People The Vintage Bradbury Tomorrow Midnight S is for Space Twice 22 I Sing The Body Electric Ray Bradbury Long After Midnight The Fog Horn & Other Stories One Timeless Spring The Last Circus and the Electrocution The Stories of Ray Bradbury The Fog Horn and Other Stories Dinosaur Tales

(1984) (1985) (1988) (1990) (1990) (1991) (1991) (1996) (1997) (2001) (2001) (2002) (2003) (2003) (2004) (2005) (2007) (2007) (2007) (2009)

[edit] Poetry

A Memory of Murder The Wonderful Death of Dudley Stone The Toynbee Convector Classic Stories 1 Classic Stories 2 The Parrot Who Met Papa Selected from Dark They Were, and Golden-Eyed Quicker Than The Eye Driving Blind Ray Bradbury Collected Short Stories The Playground One More for the Road Bradbury Stories: 100 of His Most Celebrated Tales Is That You, Herb? The Cat's Pajamas: Stories A Sound of Thunder and Other Stories The Dragon Who Ate His Tail Now and Forever: Somewhere a Band is Playing & Leviathan '99 Summer Morning, Summer Night We'll Always Have Paris

(1971) Old Ahab's Friend, and Friend to Noah, Speaks his Piece. Limited edition of 485 numbered copies, published by Roy A. Squires Press, Glendale.[3] (1973) When Elephants Last in the Dooryard Bloomed: Celebrations for Almost Any Day in the Year (1974) That Son of Richard III (1975) Byzantium I Come Not From (1977) Where Robot Mice and Robot Men Run Round in Robot Towns: New Poems, Both Light and Dark (1978) Twin Heiroglyphs That Swim the River Dust (1978) The Bike Repairmen (1979) The Poet Considers His Resources (1979) This Attic Where the Meadow Greens (1980) Doing is Being (1981) The Haunted Computer and the Android Pope (1981) Then Is All Love? It Is, It Is! (1982) The Complete Poems of Ray Bradbury (1984) The Last Good Kiss (1987) Death Has Lost its Charm for Me (1989) The Climate of Palettes (1993) The Stars (2001) They Have Not Seen the Stars: The Collected Poetry of Ray Bradbury (2002) I Live by the Invisible

[edit] Anthologies
Bradbury edited these collections of works by other authors (1952) Timeless Stories for Today and Tomorrow (1956) The Circus of Dr. Lao and Other Improbable Stories

[edit] Short stories

Bradbury has written over 400 novelettes and short stories. This list is incomplete; you can help by expanding it. (1938) Hollerbochen's Dilemma (1938) Hollerbochen Comes Back (1939) Don't Get Technatal (1939) Gold (1939) The Pendulum (1940) The Maiden of Jirbu (with Bob Tucker) (1940) Tale of the Tortletwitch (as Guy Amory) (1941) The Trouble with Humans is People (1941) Pendulum (with Henry Hasse) (1942) The Candle (1943) The Scythe (1944) The Lake (1945) The Watchers (1945) The Big Black and White Game (1945) Invisible Boy (1946) The Traveller (1946) Homecoming (1947) I See You Never (1947) The Small Assassin (1948) Mars is Heaven! (1948) The Fruit at the Bottom of the Bowl (also published as Touch and Go) (1949) The Exiles (also published as The Mad Wizards of Mars) (1949) Dark They Were, and Golden-Eyed (1950) The Veldt (1950) There Will Come Soft Rains (1951) The Fireman (1951) The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms (also published as The Fog Horn) (1951) The Pedestrian (1952) A Sound of Thunder (1952) The April Witch (1953) The Flying Machine (short story) (1953) The Meadow (1953) Dandelion Wine (1954) All Summer in a Day

(1956) The Sound of Summer Running (also published as Summer in the Air) (1957) Sun and Shadow (1958) The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit (also published as The Magic White Suit[4]) (1959) A Medicine for Melancholy (1960) The Best of All Possible Worlds (1962) The Machineries of Joy (1964) The Cold Wind and the Warm (1966) The Man in the Rorschach Shirt (1967) The Lost City of Mars (1978) The Mummies of Guanajuato (1979) The Aqueduct (1984) The Toynbee Convector (1988) The Dragon (1994) From the Dust Returned (2003) Is That You, Herb? (2009) Juggernaut

[edit] Plays

(1953) The Flying Machine: A One-Act Play for Three Men (1963) The Anthem Sprinters and Other Antics (1965) A Device Out of Time: A One-Act Play (1966) The Day It Rained Forever: A Comedy in One Act (1966) The Pedestrian: A Fantasy in One Act (1972) Leviathan '99: A Drama for the Stage (1972) The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit and Other Plays (1975) Pillar of Fire and Other Plays for Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond Tomorrow (1975) Kaleidoscope (1976) That Ghost, That Bride of Time: Excerpts from a Play-in-Progress Based on the Moby Dick Mythology and Dedicated to Herman Melville (1984) Forever and the Earth (1986) The Martian Chronicles (1986) The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit (1986) Fahrenheit 451 (1988) Dandelion Wine (1988) To The Chicago Abyss (1988) The Veldt (1988) Falling Upward (1990) The Day It Rained Forever (1991) Ray Bradbury on Stage: A Chrestomathy of His Plays

[edit] Screenplays and teleplays
This list does not include adaptations by others of Bradbury's published stories.

(1953) It Came from Outer Space (original treatment) (1956) Moby Dick Jane Wyman Presents The Fireside Theatre (1956) The Bullet Trick / The Marked Bullet Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1956) Shopping for Death (1958) Design for Loving (1959) Special Delivery (1962) The Faith of Aaron Menefee (from the story by Stanley Ellin) Steve Canyon (1959) The Gift Trouble Shooters (1959) The Tunnel to Yesterday (1961) King of Kings (narration, uncredited) The Twilight Zone (1962) I Sing the Body Electric Alcoa Premiere (1962) The Jail (1962) Icarus Montgolfier Wright (1963) Dial Double Zero (The Story of a Writer) The Alfred Hitchcock Hour (1964) The Life Work of Juan Diaz (1969) The Picasso Summer The Curiosity Shop (1971) The Groon (1979) Gnomes (1982) The Electric Grandmother (1983) Something Wicked This Way Comes (1983) Quest (1985-1992) The Ray Bradbury Theater The Twilight Zone (1986) The Elevator (1992) Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland (1993) The Halloween Tree (1998) The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit

[edit] Children's literature
(1955) (1982) (1982) (1987) (1987) (1987) (1991) (1992) Switch on the Night The Other Foot The Veldt The April Witch The Fog Horn Fever Dream The Smile The Toynbee Convector

(1997) (1997) (1998) (2006)

[edit] Audio releases

With Cat for Comforter Dogs Think That Every Day Is Christmas Ahmed and the Oblivion Machines: A Fable The Homecoming

(1958) The Martian Chronicles (8 LPs) (1962) Burgess Meredith Reads Ray Bradbury (LP) (1963) Sum and Substance (LP) (1967) The Martian Chronicles (5 LPs) (1969) Teaching Guide - "The Smile" (LP) (1971) Christus Apollo (LP) (1973) Dimension X (cassette) (1974) Three Classic Stories (cassette) (1975) The Illustrated Man (2 cassettes) (1977) The Martian Chronicles (2 cassettes) (1980) Long After Midnight (cassette) (1980) Our Lady Queen of the Angels: A Celebrational Environment (cassette) (1984) A Sound of Thunder/The Screaming Woman (cassette) (1984) Bradbury 13 (cassette series) (1985) Ray Bradbury Himself: Reads 19 Complete Stories (4 cassettes) (1986) The Martian Chronicles (6 cassettes) (1986) Fantastic Tales of Ray Bradbury (6 cassettes) (1986) The Stories of Ray Bradbury (2 cassettes) (1986) Ray Bradbury (cassette) (1986) Night Call, Collect/The Ravine (cassette) (1986) The Wind/Dark They Were and Golden Eyed (cassette) (1987) The Martian Chronicles (cassette) (1987) Ray Bradbury (cassette) (1987) Dandelion Wine (cassette) (1988) Fahrenheit 451 (cassette/CD) (1988) The Illustrated Man (cassette/CD) (1988) Omni Audio Experience I (cassette) (1988) The Golden Apples of the Sun (cassette/CD) (1989) Death and the Compass/The Playground (cassette) (1989) The Toynbee Convector (cassette) (1990) I Sing The Body Electric (cassette/CD) (1990) The October Country (cassette/CD) (1990) Death is a Lonely Business (cassette/CD) (1990) Long after Midnight/The Halloween Tree (cassette/CD) (1991) Ray Bradbury: Tales of Fantasy (2 cassettes) (1991) Fahrenheit 451 (cassette) (1991) The Martian Chronicles (cassette) (1991) Nathaniel Hawthorne Read by Ray Bradbury (cassette)

(1992) Green Shadows, White Whale (2 cassettes) (1993) William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy Read Four Science Fiction Classics (4 cassettes) (1994) The Illustrated Man (cassette) (1994) Vanishing Point: Radio Dramas from the Fourth Dimension (cassette) (1995) We Hold These Truths (CD) (1996) Kaleidoscope/The Human Operators (cassette) (1997) The Martian Chronicles (cassette) (1998) Ray Bradbury: Science Fiction (cassette) (1999) The Ray Bradbury Theater (cassette) (1999) The Science Fiction Theater (cassette) (2000) Science Fiction on Old Time Radio (cassette/CD) (2001) Fahrenheit 451 (cassette/CD) (2001) From the Dust Returned - read by Michael Prichard (cassette) (2001) From the Dust Returned - read by John Glover (cassette) (2001) Dark Carnival (CD) (2001) The 60 Greatest Old Time Radio Shows from Science Fiction: Selected by Ray Bradbury (cassette/CD) (2002) One More for the Road (cassette) (2002) 2000X: Tales of the Next Millennia (cassette/CD) (2002) Christus Apollo (CD) (2007) Dandelion Wine (CD) (2007) Something Wicked This Way Comes (CD)

[edit] Non-fiction
(1952) (1962) (1967) (1978) (1979) (1981) (1985) (1990) (1991) (2004) (2005) (2007)

No Man Is an Island The Essence of Creative Writing: Letters to a Young Aspiring Author Creative Man Among His Servant Machines The God in Science Fiction About Norman Corwin There is Life on Mars The Art of Playboy Zen in the Art of Writing Yestermorrow: Obvious Answers to Impossible Futures Conversations with Ray Bradbury (ed. Steven L. Aggelis) Bradbury Speaks: Too Soon from the Cave, Too Far from the Stars Match to Flame: The Fictional Paths to Fahrenheit 451

[edit] Miscellaneous
(1979) (1979) (1980) (1982) (1985) (1998) To Sing Strange Songs Beyond 1984: Remembrance of Things Future The Ghosts of Forever The Love Affair Long After Ecclesiastes: New Biblical Texts Christus Apollo: Cantata Celebrating the Eighth Day of Creation and

the Promise of the Ninth (2000) Witness and Celebrate (2001) A Chapbook for Burnt-Out Priests, Rabbis and Ministers (2001) Dark Carnival (limited edition with supplemental materials) (2003) The Best of The Ray Bradbury Chronicles (2003) It Came from Outer Space (screenplay and related materials) (2005) The Halloween Tree, limited lettered and numbered edition which includes the novel, screenplay, variant texts, and related materials (2007) Futuria Fantasia (2007) Somewhere a Band is Playing: Early Drafts and Final Novella (1923) The Best of Ray Bradbury: The Graphic Novel

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